How much does Bubble Shooter Game development costs?

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Bubble Shooter Game Development Solutions

Capermint Technologies is among the leading Bubble Shooter game development companies. We have a team of dedicated developers can combine various other game genres with the classic Bubble Shooter game to make the game more appealing and interesting.

Our developers excel in developing real money games. Combining the real money genre with Bubble Shooter will provide the users with a game that can be enjoyable and profitable at the same time. Connect with our expert developers today to develop the most unique and attractive Bubble Shooter game for your audience

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What is a Bubble Shooter Game?

Bubble Shooter is a classic shooting game that is the perfect blend of action, strategy, and shooting genre. Use the cannon to shoot the colored balls that appear above. The players have to shoot the balloons with the right colored balloon ball to pop up the balloons.

The objective of the game is to stop the balloons from reaching the ground. The balloons will gradually reach the ground, and the players have to shoot them down in order to prevent this from happening. Shoot the balloons down to earn points.


How to play Bubble Shooter Game?


Drag the slider to adjust striker position


Aim using the slider and released your finger to shoot


Match 3 or more bubble to burst


Tap to switch bubble


The game will end if time is
up or bubble reach the

Bubble Shooter Game Types

Free to Download Game

You can launch a free game that targets various platforms like Android, iOS, Web, etc. The monetization strategy can be in-app purchases and advertisements. You can also offer reward-based advertisements, in which if the player sees the whole advertisement, they will get an assured reward

Real Money Game

The Real money version of the Bubble Shooter game will be a vs game. The players will play against other online players. They will bet a certain amount and the winner will win the amount. The monetization strategy will be a percentage of the bet amount. This way, you can earn with each game that is played on your app

Game Modes

championship 1


The tournament is the best chance for the players to earn huge cash prizes. The return of the tournament is as big as the risk of playing it. Play against 8 other players and win each round to become the champion of the tournament. The winner of the tournament will get the biggest cash prize!

vs 1


Battles are a great opportunity for the players to play 1vs1 against other online players and to earn real money. They just have to choose the bet amount from various battles listed and start the game. The winner takes it all. Use your Bubble Shooter skills in the battles to earn great cash prizes.


Practice Mode

The practice mode is a great mode for the audience who wants to learn the game before competing in official matches. The players can practice anytime. The practice mode also runs in the offline mode, so if the players do not have an internet connection, they can enjoy the game or polish their skills in practice mode.


Friendly Battles

Invite your friends and family members to the match and have a friendly match with them. The players can create private matches and they can also set the boot value. This will allow the players to enjoy their favourite game with their friends and family. The game also offers in-game chat and emojis for a fun-filled gaming experience.

Online Bubble Shooter Game Development Features

Create a memorable gaming experience with Capermint’s Bubble Shooter Game Development. You are just one click away from your game’s launch.

Admin Control Features for Bubble Shooter Game Development

Controlling and maintaining the game should be easy and achievable for the admin. To make all the controls of the game easy and accessible, we add the below-mentioned features in the game.



Dashboard refers to a very important feature that shows you how your game is performing against other games


Game settings and management

Various game settings are available like the language, sound option, two-factor authentication, game tutorials, notifications, etc, to change or edit the game’s experience


User Management

Manage and control the activity of all the users using the User Management feature. You can also remove a user if you sense something suspicious


Payment and Wallet Management

Payment and wallet management feature will let you know how many coins have been bought and redeemed by the users


Leaderboard Management:

Showcase the most skillful and earning players on the leaderboard to provide inspiration to others and to praise the top players of your game


Chips Management

Manage the chips that are bought by the users or redeemed. You will also know what you have earned in the process


Capermint Advantages for Bubble Shooter Game Development


Bubble Shooter Anti-Fraud System


Smooth and Scalable Gameplay


Easy to install and play Bubble Shoote


Bubble Shooter Support Cross-Platform Functionality


Real-Time voice and chat functionality


Supports multiple currencies


Multiple Payment Options

How much does it cost to develop a Bubble Shooter game?

Bubble Shooter game development can cost around $25,000 to $30,000 for a single platform (Android or iOS) with basic functionality. If you wish to develop a Bubble Shooter game with all the advanced features and functionalities, with support to multiple platforms, it may cost up to $50,000.

Charges of a small company
$15 – $40 / hour
Charges of an Intermediate company
$50 – $100 / hour
Charges of an Enterprise-level company
$100 – $300 / hour

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FAQs about Bubble Shooter Game Development

We want to solve all the queries that you may have and answer all the questions that may enter your mind. Therefore, here is a curated list of Frequently Asked Questions about Bubble Shooter game development that most of the clients ask. If you have any questions other than these, you can drop a message below or call us.

How much time does it take to develop a Bubble Shooter mobile game?

It will take around 12 weeks to develop a Bubble Shooter game and the timeline can increase up to 20 weeks depending on the features and number of platforms.

Do you provide continued maintenance support for Bubble Shooter mobile game development?

Yes, Capermint Technology provides you with continuous maintenance support for Bubble Shooter game development. Even after the development, you can opt for the monthly retention plan.

What technologies are you using for developing Bubble Shooter games?

We develop the Bubble Shooter game using the world-famous Unity Game Engine. For the backend, we use Node.JS and The database is maintained using MongoDB and the server is AWS.

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