Game Environment Design Services

Make your game come alive with stunning backgrounds, open worlds, and bustling cityscapes using high-quality environment design assets. Capermint Game Environment Art & Design Service will transform your game into a realistic and appealing world!

Expert Game Environment Designers

Capermint Technolgies is a creative company that excels in designing intriguing and unique game environment. Our game environment designers have strong expertise in developing amazing 2D and 3D Game Environment Art.

Our dedicated team will transform your concept into a compelling and attractive game environment that will incredibly depict the theme and feel of your game.

You have a concept we have the skills to transform it into the most amazing game environment.

What is Game Environment?

Game Environment refers to the background of the game. The game environment is a very crucial aspect of the game as it sets the tone and the feeling of the game. The game environment is designed based on the particular vision of the game.

For example, if the game is a robot game, then machines, advanced buildings, etc, which are related to the robots and give a feeling of the robot surroundings are used.

An impressive environment is the key to captivate the users and to provide the right feel for the game.

Game Environment Design Services

Discover a range of game environment services by Capermint Technologies that can uplift the look and fell of your game. Provide your game with the most deserving and realistic environment and transform your game into an instant hit!

2D Casual Environment Art

Whether it is a simple and sooting environment for a simple game like tile matching, ir it is a complex and high-resolution environment for a hidden object game, our developers have extensive experience in creating best results for 2D casual environment.

2D Stylized Environment Art

The background of the game sets the tone of the entire game, and so stylization of the environment is quite a tricky task. Our designers are perfectly oriented with optimal styling direction and its implementation.

2D Cartoon Environment Art

Cartoony environment sets a nostalgic and a super fun vibe for the game. Our designers can give cartoony twist to any environment or background object like castle, house, jungle, river, etc. Get breathtaking environment with our 2D Cartoon Environment Design Service.

2D Realistic Environment Art

Our artists use the most advanced software and progressive techniques to create immersive and realistic environment for your game. Effects like shadows, artificial and natural lighting, and attention to smallest details helps our developers in creating realistic 2D Environment.

3D Photorealistic Environment Art

Our 3D Environment Designers sketch environment highlighted with natural texture and amazing lighting effects. This allows our designers to shape and create photorealistic environment for your game that will highlight the 3D world-building.

3D Stylized Environment Art

Our 3D Designers are experts in styling and creating the most authentic environment for your game. Styling will be based on the project requirements and the environment will work and shine as the highlight of the entire game.

Our Professional 3D Environment Art

Capermint Technologies has a proven record of designing environment that are the heart of games/animations. Our game environment has entertained and inspired millions of users. Here are some of our proud Artworks

Custom Environment Design Solutions

Environment design is expanded in many industries, which include mobile applications, game applications, animation films, comics, computer-animated films, and many more.

At Capermint Technologies, we design and create organic, realistic, and breath-taking Environments that are composed and designed to blend in your story.


Game environment development process

To provide our clients with the best possible environment that will take the users into an amazing and unique world. We follow a customized Game Environment Design process.


After designing various concepts and finalizing the most suitable one, the designers will strat working on various sketches of the environment that will highlight details of the environment and will perfectly depict the story.


Concept Development

Big picture is vital in the initial stage. In this stage, our designers will understand your idea and vision, and will transform it into a concept. The concept may lack some fine details, but it will effectively demonstrate the general idea.


Color Composition

After finalizing the most suitable sketch and the right assets to set the feeling of the game, the designers will design various lightning sketches that will design convey the desired atmosphere of the game. Various colors will be used to set the mood.


Final Rendering

All the details are highlighted at this stage, with all sketching residues removed to create a realistic game environment. Everything, including form, color, light, shadow, and atmosphere, is thoroughly examined at this stage.

Capermint Game Environment Design Advantages

We offer various advantages with our Game Environment Designing service. These advantages help us stay ahead of our competition and serve our customers in a better way. Advantages of Capermint Game Environment Design are as follows

Outstanding custom design

Our talented designers provide outstanding custom designs that are curated as per your needs and want, and they portray exactly the characteristics you described.


Best Texturing & Lighting

Our designers use texturing and lighting to establish the ambiance and mood of a game environment and to refine its overall look.


Detailed Blocking

Detailed blocking determines the relationship of objects with the game environment. Our environment will highlight all the game’s assets.


Expert Team of Game Environment Designers

Our Game Environment Designers have experience in designing realistic and breath-taking environments. Our team is the most reliable team to design the perfect Game Environment.


Hi-Resolution Sculpting

Hi-res sculpting is necessary for unique assets with unique texture maps. Our designers have experience in Hi-res-sculpting and will design the best environment for you.


Cost-Effective Solution

Capermint is a cost-effective choice for you. Just share your idea and the budget; the rest lies to us. We provide excellent Game Environment Design service at the most affordable rates.


Transparent Communication

As soon as we start designing your character or animation, we assign a dedicated project manager to keep you in the loop of everything that is happening around your project.


End to End Support

Our designers use the latest technologies to develop effective Game Environment. We specialize in providing end-to-end solutions at affordable prices.

Attention to Details

Apart from having clear artistic direction, our designers strive for a uniform and balanced appearance among the elements in your video game environment. Our designers create well-balanced and captivating environment that are smooth, colorful, and are detailed to the smallest parts.

The game environment that perfectly tells your story

Why is the best for game environment design?

Capermint Technologies is among the leading Game Environment design companies. Being in this field for years, we know what is best for you and what the audience exactly wants. We tend to share our development process and even the minute details with our clients so that they can have a better understanding of what’s happening around the process.

All our projects go through our project manager first so that the process is disciplined from the very beginning, and thus it ensures that you get a timely delivery, and the end-product is a quality product. We take a customized approach in every project, which helps us in delivering unique and compelling work to our clients.


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