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Capermint Technologies is a leading Archery Game Development company which aims at providing you the best service that meets all your needs and requirements in a professional manner. Our Archery developers can develop 3D Archery games that have realistic gameplay, with multiple mechanics, and awesome effects and sounds.

Archery Game Development Services

With a combination of various mechanics, attractive graphics, impressive effects, incredible sounds, and awesome gameplay, Capermint technologies develops the most engaging, entertaining, and effective Archery Solutions.

 Our team of expert and certified developers use their game development experience to provide full-cycle Archery Game Development Service. From planning, to development, to launching the app, to maintenance and updates, we have got it all covered for you.

Archery Game Development Solutions

Capermint Technologies is one of the pioneers of Archery Mobile Game Development. Our Team of expert developers use their expertise and knowledge to develop the most effective and entertaining archery solutions. 

Our team offers multiple features for the archery game that you can choose from for your game. The archery games that we develop are equipped with multiple mechanics, like wind flow, moving target, range of the arrow and bow, etc. Get the best Archery Game developed by the team of best developers, at the most effective rate. Capitalize on the growth of the mobile gaming industry by launching an unique archery game, and get the most out of your game.

What is an Archery Game?

Archery is a sport, art, skill, or practice of shooting the arrow using the bow to hit a target. The bow and arrow are ancient weapons that have been around from almost 17,500–18,000 years ago. In history, it was used for hunting and combat, however, in recent times, it is used only for sports.

The Archery Game is based on the shooting skills of the person known as Archer. Multiple things like the stance of the archer, the grip, the position of the arrow on the bow, the finder position, the draw, the aim, and the release contribute towards the archery skills of the archer. Everything should be perfect to score a bullseye on the archery board. 

What is an Archery Game

Real Money Archery Game App

And, Take the fun of Archery Game to the next Level

Sports and games are fun, however just winning the in-game coins are not enough to compensate for the skills and the time spent by the players. Therefore, we provide real money Archery Game solutions that will provide the gamers with the right compensation and will increase the fun of the game to many folds. When the users will get the most out of their skills, they will visit your game and play it again and again.

Hire Archery game developers

Develop your own Archery game right away. You are just one click away from launching your own real money archery game.

Archery Game Modes

Our Archery Game Solutions are equipped with multiple modes. These modes will keep the game entertaining for the user, and thus the user can select and play under any mode that they seem fit for the moment.

Play with Friends
Games become more interesting when they are played with our friends. With social media integration, you can play Archery with all your friends and family members.
Single Player Mode
In the single player mode, choose your bow and arrow and start hitting the bullseye in multiple levels. The difficulty level will rise after each level.
Local Mode

Local mode allows you to play Archery with your friends and family on the same device. Play turn by turn and enjoy the thrill and excitement of Archery.

Play with thousands of players that are online. You can play with 2-6 players depending on the type of Archery game mode.

Our Archery Game Development Features

The features that your game offers will make or break your game. We have done a detailed research of the archery game niche and therefore we have created a list of all the common and advanced features that you can choose from to be incorporated in the Archery Game.

Play online with real money

Play Archery using your skills and win to earn real cash. Use your Archery expertise to earn real money instead of just using it to pass time.

Quick Deposit & Money Withdrawal

We want you to spend most of your time playing the game, and therefore we develop games that support quick deposit and money withdrawal.

Game History

You will get a detailed history of all the games that you have played. It will also have details about the amount that you won/lost in each game.

Multiple Arenas

There are multiple arenas in the Archery game with different entry fees and therefore you can find and choose the right room for yourselves.

Withdraw History

A detailed history of the money that you have withdrawn is available. You can refer to the list to know when and where you have withdrawn the money.

Buddy Live List or Invitation

As you add friends, you can see them on the buddy list. You can also see who is online and you can also send them an invitation to play with them.

Live support features

The live support feature lets the players connect to you in just a few clicks. It can be used 24*7 by the players.

Play as a guest

You can also play the game as a guest if you do not wish to create an account using your email address or any social media account.

FB/Google/mail login

You can simply sign up using your Facebook account/ Google account/ Email address. All your social media friends will be automatically added to your buddy list.

Phone & Email OTP configuration

In order to get only genuine players in the game, a player has to verify their phone number and email address. The verification would be done via OTP.

Daily Bonus Coins

Our Archery games provide the users with daily bonus coins to motivate them to login daily and to play the game.

Arrows skins and powers

There are multiple Archery skins in the game that the players can buy to make their Archery gaming experience more interesting, advanced, and beautiful.

Arrows skins and powers

There are multiple arrow skins in the store that offer different power levels, spin, accuracy, range, etc. The players can buy them to improve their gameplay.

Archery in-app Wallet

All the in-game coins/money that the player buys or wins will be stored in the wallet. The players can withdraw the amount anytime that they want.

Archery Tournaments

The tournaments will help in deciding who is the ultimate Archery player, and it will also help the users in earning more money while keeping the game interesting.

Admin Control Features

There are multiple admin features in the app that the admin can use to customize the app. These features will allow the admin to make changes in the app as and when needed. Here is a list of admin features that we incorporate in our archery games:


Dashboard refers to a very important feature that shows you how your game is performing against other games.

Game settings and management

Various game settings are available like the language, sound option, two-factor authentication, game tutorials, notifications, etc, to change or edit the game’s experience.

User Management

Manage and control the activity of all the users using the User Management feature. You can also remove a user if you sense something suspicious

Leaderboard Management

Showcase the most skillful and earning players on the leaderboard to provide inspiration to others and to praise the top players of your game.

Payment and Wallet Management

Payment and wallet management features will let you know how many coins have been bought and redeemed by the users.

Chips Management

Manage the chips that are bought by the users or redeemed. You will also know what you have earned in the process.

Notification Management

Manage all the notifications that a user receives via push notifications. You can also use smart notifications to motivate the users to play the game now.

Reward Point Management

Reward point management lets you create a loyalty program in your game. The player that uses your game daily will get bigger rewards than those who don’t.

Advertisement Management

Control and manage ads as per your needs. You can use all types of ads anytime that you like. This feature provides you complete control of all the in-app advertisements.
What is an Archery Game

How much does it cost to develop a real money archery game?

Archery game development can cost around $35,000 to $40,000 for a single platform (Android or iOS) with basic functionality. If you wish to develop an Archery game with all the advanced features and functionalities, with support for multiple platforms, it may cost up to $80,000.

Our Archery Game Example - SikandarJi



SikanderJi is a realistic archery game that is filled with amazing animations and stunning graphics. Shoot arrows at the targets set at a distance, and as you progress in the game, the wind, force of your bow and arrow, and the moving target will increase the challenges for you. Take a deep breath, focus, shoot at the targets, and experience the thrill and fun of archery on your mobile screens.

Capermint Advantages for Archery Game Development

Capermint Technologies is a leading Archery Game Development Company. We incorporate the real money factor in our game to increase the fun of the game, and to provide the best returns and a well-established monetary strategy to our clients. Our team of expert developers use the most advanced and robust tools, technologies, and engines to develop the most trendy and effective games for our clients. Here are some advantages of Capermint Archery Game Development

Archery Anti-Fraud System

When people invest their hard-earned money to play your game, you should take care of that money, and therefore we use state of the art security tools and protocols to ensure that the Archery game that we develop is safe against online frauds.

Smooth & Scalable Gameplay

To ensure that there are no lags in the game, we develop games that are smooth and scalable to provide the best possible gaming experience. Games developed by us, run smoothly across all the devices and the user can play the game seamlessly even in low network connectivity.

Easy to install & play Archery

Our games can be easily installed through app stores or from the website. Once the game is installed, the user just has to log in and buy the chips and they are ready to play the game and earn real money. The users can register using mobile number, email ID or social media ID.

Cross-Platform Functionality

Being a single platform game will have an adverse effect on the number of users. Moreover, targeting just one platform doesn’t prove the necessary exposure to your game. Therefore we provide pocket-friendly cross-platform solutions that provide various opportunities for the game.

Real-Time voice and chat

Capermint Technologies develop multiplayer games that have a real-time voice and chat functionality to provide the real multiplayer experience. The players can talk trash to each other to win the game or they can frankly chat about anything to make the game more exciting.

Supports multiple currencies

The Archery games that we develop should represent the client internationally. The support for multiple currencies lets the users from various countries board your game without hesitation and therefore it moves your reach level to another zone.

Multiple Payment Options

The Archery games that we develop come with integrations with various payment Gateways. This provides your users with various options that they can choose from according to their preference. Payment integration includes various cards, Paytm, Gpay, and many more.

Why is Capermint the best Archery Game Development company?

Capermint Technologies is your one stop destination for all Archery Game Development needs. Whether you want to develop an Archery app from scratch, or you want to upgrade your existing Archery game, our expert developers will help you with everything. Here are some of the advantages of choosing Capermint as your archery game development company.

Multiplayer Game Development Specialist

Our developers have years of experience in developing chartbuster multiplayer games.

Supports cross-platform

Your game should get full exposure and therefore we develop games that support cross-platform functionality.

Seamless gaming experience

Our games are designed to work seamlessly and effortlessly across all the devices and platforms.

Attractive UI and UX

To provide the best gaming experience, we develop the most attractive UI and UX that feel amazing and user-friendly at the same time.

Expert 2D and 3D Game Developers

We have a team of expert 2D and 3D game developers who are experienced in developing the best 2D and 3D games.

Experienced Real Money Game Developers

We have the biggest portfolio in the industry when it comes to developing real money games for mobile devices.

Why is Capermint the best company for_

FAQs about Archery Game Development

Here is a curated list of Frequently Asked Questions about Archery game development that most of the clients ask. If you have any questions other than these, you can drop a message below or call us.

Armed with AI, IoT, Blockchain, AR/VR, and many more technologies, we can nurture your idea into a game that can become the next big thing in the app industry. Our motive is to provide the client with the best product that can solve all their problems and can deliver extraordinary results, and to develop the perfect game;


We follow the following development process:


  • App Requirement Analysis
  • Structure and Analysis
  • App Development
  • Application Testing
  • Make live
  • Support and Maintenance

Equipment needed:


1 Bow (Available in the app)


Multiple Arrows (Available in the app)


Shooting Targets (Available in the app)


How to play:


  • The game is very simple, your objective is to use the bow and arrow to shoot at the shooting target.
  • The target is a circle with lots of inner circles.
  • The middle circle will get you 10 points.
  • The other circles will get you different points based on the distance between the circle and the midpoint. 
  • The air and the distance of the target will also play an important role while shooting.
  • Practice and Polish your Archery skills to become the ultimate Archer. 

It will take around 12 weeks to develop a real money Archery game and the timeline can increase up to 20 weeks depending on the features and number of platforms.

Yes, Capermint Technology provides you with continuous maintenance support for Archery game development. Even after the development, you can opt for the monthly retention plan.

We develop the real money Archery game using the world-famous Unity Game Engine. For the backend, we use Node.JS and The database is maintained using MongoDB and the server is AWS.

We follow the following development process for Archery Game Development:


  • App Requirement Analysis
  • Structure and Analysis
  • App Development
  • Application Testing
  • Make live
  • Support and Maintenance

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