Sikandarji Case Study

Sikandarji is a multi-gaming platform that offers a handpicked collection of games that range from world-famous titles to newly developed original titles. Sikandarji offers games for everyone from the kids to adults. The platform is loaded with multiple interesting games. The users just have to download a single app to get access to all the games.

App Compatibility





The Ultimate Real-Money Gaming Destination

Sikandarji is a hub of real-money games that range from world-famous titles to newly developed original titles. The users can use their gaming skills to win the games on Sikandarji and also to win real money. The platform offers a variety of games, and more games will be added to the platform. The games range from simple shooting games to casual games to fantasy games.

Sikandarji offers easy login, deposit, and withdrawal features. Sikandarji also offers practice mode for each game, so that the users can play the games for free and practice/improve their gaming skills.




While developing an application the biggest challenge was to find and develop various games that can be played as real money games. The team had to research and find a lot of games that can be used as real money games, and they also had to develop various new and original titles for real money games.

Sikandarji is a game in which the users will earn real money by winning, and therefore the second challenge was the security of the game. We worked on the security of the game, and added various rules and game policies to makes Sikandarji the best destination for real money games.

The third challenge was to integrate various payment getaways in the app to facilitate the deposit and withdrawal of money. We have to integrate multiple payment getaways in the app so that the user has various options that they can choose between according to their preference.

Strategy & Planning


Real Money Gaming Hub
The first strategy for the app was to add various existing and new titles in the game so as to transform this app into a real money gaming hub that has games for all ages.


Instant Deposit and Withdrawal
The second strategy was to design and add instant deposit and withdrawal features in the game. This way the users can spend most of their time playing games.


The third strategy was to provide the users with the ultimate gaming experience and to enable them to earn more, and thus we added the tournament feature in every game.

Sikandarji’s Amazing Gaming Library

Sikandarji is a multi-gaming platform, and thus the users will be able to play multiple games on this single platform. These games offer unique gameplay and belong to various genres. More games will be added to the Sikandarji’s Library in the coming months. Here are the games that are available on the platform now:

01. Candy Crush

Candy crush is a fun yet simple same colored candy matching game. The objective of the game is to match 3 or more same colored candies to make them pop and earn points. To win this game, you have to score more than the opponent. Matching more than 3 same colored candies together will give you special candies and will help you earn more points.


02. Fruit Chop

Claiming real money awards is as simple as sliding your finger across the phone screen to chop the fruits. Fruits chop is a thrilling game that puts your reflexes to the ultimate test. You have to chop fruits very quickly, while being aware of the bombs, as if you touch the bomb, it will explode and the game will be over.


03. Archery

A perfect real money game for all the sharp shooters out there! Your objective in the game is to shoot the arrow right in the middle of the circle to gain points. The closer your arrow is to the circle, the more points you will get. Use your shooting skills to the fullest to earn real money prizes.


04. Sikandarji Runner

An endless running game in which your objective is to outrun your opponent and to earn more points than them. Be successful in this task and you will get real money prizes. This is a thrilling and exciting running game that offers amazing gameplay and incredible graphics that contribute to a successful gaming experience.


05. Bubble Shooter

Match 3 balls to blast and clear the board. Tap on the screen to drag the cannon and lift the finger to shoot it. It is important that you form strategies accordingly, as different bubble layouts will come. Shoot down more bubbles than your opponent and earn better scores to win the game and swoop away the prize.


Sikandarji Games Features


Interactive UI/UX

The UI/UX of the Sikandarji of Sikandarji is well-planned and designed to provide a soothing effect to the game. The users can easily access all the parts of the game, and various parts of the app are highlighted to attract more users to the same. The UI/UX makes it easy and simple for the users to explore and find the right game for themselves.


Everyday there are multiple tournaments in every game that the players can register themselves in. The tournaments are the best way for the users to showcase their gaming skills to all the users and to earn bigger prizes. There will be multiple winners for the tournaments so everyone has a chance to win a big prize.

Effective Main Menu

The main menu option is on the upper left hand side which can be easily accessed. The main menu allows the users to access My Profile, the wallet, leaderboard, game history, settings, refer and earn feature, and how to play guide for each game. The users can access the main menu anytime they want.

Real-time Gameplay

When the game is started, the users can see two scores on the top of the screen, the left one showcases their score, and the right one showcases the scores of the opponent. Throughout the game, the users will be able to see the scores of the opponent and accordingly they can play their own game.

Easy Matchmaking

Once the users have selected the game and the bet they want to place, the matchmaking process will start. The system will find other online players who want to play the same game at the same bet and will match them with you to play the game. The process takes no more than 10-20 secs.

Instant Withdrawal

Sikandarji app offers instant withdrawal feature and thus the users can withdraw INR 50 or more at any time and from any device. The users can choose between various payment methods. The withdrawal will take less than a minute to appear in their account. Withdrawing money from Sikandarji is very fast and easy.

Game History

Sikandarji creates and maintains a detailed history of all the games that you play. The history will have the game’s name, the bet amount, the scores of both/all the players, and the win and loss status. The users can access the game history from the main menu option. This can be used to have an overview of your performance.

Multiple payment Options

The app will be used by people all around the world and therefore to facilitate their user experience and to avoid any inconvenience to the users, we have added multiple payment options in the game. The users can pay using their Debit Card, Credit Card, or Directly from the bank account. We have also added various online wallets like Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePay, etc. to make the payment as easy and convenient as possible.

Daily Spins

To make the users come open and play games on Sikandarji everyday, we have added the daily spin feature. The users will get a free daily spin every day that will give them assured bonu cash everyday. To win this bonus cash, all they have to do is open the app everyday and spin the wheel.

Multiple Tournament Winners

In the tournament games, there will be various winners for every game. The person who gets the first place will get the biggest prize, and after that the prize amount will decrease as per the ranks. This way, there will be multiple winners for the tournaments, and even without getting first place, the users can earn big prizes.

Refer & Earn

Sikandarji’s Refer and Earn feature allows you and your friend or family to earn bonus cash that can be used to place bets. You just have to share the app along with your code to your friends and family, and if they join the app and play games on it, you and your friend will earn bonus cash.

Security and Fair Play Measures

Sikandarji is a real money game, and thus our first concern for the users is the security and fair gameplay. To ensure that the platform is totally secure for the players, and that each game is played fair and within the rules, we have added various security and fair play measures in the game that each player must abide by.

Sikandarji offers full security, secure payments, and game fraud detection. We also offer responsible gaming points to all the users that they should follow while playing games on Sikandarji. Profanity and Abuse are strictly prohibited, and if the users are found using foul language, they may get temporary or permanent block.

Test and Launch

To ensure that we launch the perfect app on the app stores, the apps and games developed by us go through a series of tests.We have tested all the payment integrations of the app and the security of the app as the first concern that the users have when they play real money games is the security of their money. We have tested the wallet and the history option to showcase all the transactions and to show the correct and updated data all the time. We have tested the tournament feature to ensure a fair gameplay. We have also tested the performance of each and every game of the Sikandarji platform.

Solution / Result

Multigaming App Platform : Sikandarji hosts a variety of real money games that the users can play by downloading a single game. The wallet for all the games is integrated and thus they do not have to maintain separate wallets for each game.

Instant Withdrawal: Sikandarji App enables the users to instantly withdraw their hard earned money from their wallet. The users can use Paytm or Bank Account to get the money withdrawn instantly after verification of the same.

Tournament Feature: The tournament feature allows the users to earn huge prizes by participating in a series of matches against various players. The users can showcase their expertise and skills against other players and can get bigger cash prizes.



The app performed splendidly after it was launched and it crossed the milestone of reaching 10k downloads in just 3 days. Sikandarji is growing at a fast rate and the number of daily users is growing too.

The app is surely one of the most promising apps of 2022, and with new games in the app, it will attract more and more downloads.

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