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Capermint Technologies is a leading poker game development company that provides high-quality poker game development services. Our expert Poker game developers can create mobile gambling apps and websites accessible across all platforms. In addition, our top-quality gambling game development services ensure the best quality performances and high returns of investments.

Poker Game Development & Software Development Solutions

Capermint Technologies is an award-winning game development company, having expertise in developing poker games. It is a one-stop company for all your game development needs. Get customized real money poker website, software, and app development solutions from our expert developers and be ready to conquer the online poker world. Our team consists of poker enthusiasts and therefore they know what the poker players need or expect from a game. Their expertise + wonderful visual effects + user-friendly interface + world-class security + real money feature = the best real money poker game.


White-Label Solution

You'll get a fully customizable, regularly updated, user-friendly, and feature-packed white-label Poker app when you choose our white-label poker solution.


Turnkey Solution

With our turnkey solutions, you will get everything you need to satisfy your clients' needs. Your brand can grow with the help of this gaming solution and will effectively stand out.


Real Money Solution

Ensure your audience has the best Poker playing experience by integrating the Real Money Gameplay. Our real-money Poker offers the best real-time gaming experience.

Bitcoin Solution

In addition to Bitcoin payment integrations, our Bitcoin Poker solutions combine best-level security, customization options, multiple features, and social app integrations.

Poker Game Development Services

We provide 2D & 3D poker game development services with auto-calling betting actions such as fold, check, check and fold, raise, call, bet, and all-in with different betting limits like no limit, pot limit, fixed limit, and more.

Poker Game Variations

We also provide all kinds of poker game development with different variation services too. Here is the comprehensive list of the top 10 poker variant services.


Our Poker Game Development Features

poker real money

Play online with real money

The best feature of the game is that you can play poker on your mobile and by winning, you can earn real money.

Poker private table

Private Table

Play with your friends and family by inviting them to the private table. You can create a private table with any variation and point value.

check fold

Check | Fold | Raise

Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker variation around the world. Get the most amazing Texas Hold’em poker game with fantastic graphics.

Table Stats

Table Status

Get the information about the table’s pot limit, variation, small bet amount, highest bet possible, and all the necessary info.

Quick Deposit and Withdraw Money

Quick Deposit and Withdraw Money

The players should spend their time playing the game, instead of waiting for the money. Our games support instant deposit and withdrawal.

Game History

Game History

A detailed history is available for all the games that a player has played. It also consists of the amount they have lost or won in a certain round.

Buddy Live List or Invitation

Buddy Live List or Invitation

A player can see all their social media friends and in-game friends on the buddy list, which will also show who is online. They can even invite their friends to their table is there is a spot.

Complete Table View

Complete Table View

Our interface supports a complete table view so that the players can see how the player and if they are betting or they have folded their cards.

Complete Lobby View

Complete Lobby View

The lobby is the main screen of a poker game. It includes options like play now, variations, private table, settings, buddy list, etc.

Poker Tournament option

Tournament option

Make the game interesting using the tournament feature. It helps the player in winning big. It creates a table with a bigger boot value and bigger prizes.

Live Support Features

Live Support Features

A support platform that connects the users to you with just a few clicks. The support feature can be used 24*7.

Play as a guest feature

Play as a guest feature

If the users do not wish to use their email address or link any social account, they can sign in using the play as a guest button.

facebook email login

Facebook/Google/E-mail Login

Users can use their Facebook/Google/E-mail account to sign in without entering any other information.


Phone number and Email OTP configuration

If a user wants to sync their phone number or email address with their account, they can, but only after verifying their phone number or email address via an OTP.


Live Support Features

Smart Notifications allow you to send push notifications to all the users. You can target these notifications to motivate them to play the game now.

Group 119

Play as a guest feature

We use state of the art security tools and protocols to ensure that the Ludo game that we develop is safe against online frauds.

Group 121

Chat & Voice Functionality

We can integrate real-time voice and chat functionality to make the game more exciting.

Group 124

Multiple Payment Options

We can integrat various payment Gateways includes various cards, Paytm, Gpay, Stripe, and many more.

Group 207

Refer & Earn Functionality

We have added the refer and earn functionality to the ludo game that provides a unique invite code to each user and provide easy to earn referral money.

Group 217

RNG+ Technology Certification

Random Number Generator technology means that whenever the dice is rolled, the number that shows up on the dice is a totally random number. RNG+ Certification ensures fair gameplay in our Poker games.

Poker Game Admin Control Features

To make it easy and convenient for you to control and manage your game, we have added various features in the game. Here is a list of features that will help you in controlling and managing your application

The users can control everything from the dashboard. They can choose the table, the variation, see who is online, etc. They can go to the settings and buy or redeem chips from here.

Game settings and management

Various game settings are available like the language, sound option, two-factor authentication, game tutorials, notifications, etc, so that the user can personalize the experience.

User Management

Users can log off and they can log in using another player ID if they want. The previous ID will be saved for quick login.

Tournament Management

Tournament management refers to the option that lets the user decide which variation they want in the tournament, what will be their buy-in amount, what will be the entry fee, and what will be the winning amount.

Payment & Wallet Management

Players can easily manage all their payments from the wallet option. They can use it to buy or redeem chips as and when they want.

Agent Management

The agent refers to the dealer of the table. There are various dealers available that users can choose from if they want to change the dealer.

Smart Notification

Smart Notifications allow you to send push notifications to all the users. You can target these notifications to motivate them to play the game now.

Chips Management

Chips are valuable in the poker game. Users can redeem the chips to get money. As these chips are needed to play the game, the users can decide how many chips they want to have and how many they want to redeem.

Table Management

Users can choose which table they want to play on. There are various tables like Hold’em Texas table, and various other variations, user can also create their own private table.

Our Poker Game App Advantages

Poker Anti-fraud System

When users play real-money games, it should be safe and secure. We use state of the art security tools and protocols to ensure that our Poker game is safe against online frauds.

Smooth and Scalable Gameplay

At Capermint Technologies, we develop the best quality games. Our real money poker games are smooth and scalable and they provide the most immersive gameplay experience.

Easy to Install and Play Poker

The users can install the game from respective app stores with just one click. The app can also be downloaded and installed from the links mentioned in the game’s official website.

Poker supports cross-platform functionality

We develop cross-platform real-money poker games so that you can launch your poker game to all the leading platforms and therefore target the audience of all the platforms.

Real-time chat and voice functionality
To give the full experience of multiplayer games, our poker games include real-time chat and voice functionality. Players can chat with each other while playing the game.
Supports multiple currencies
Our real money poker gaming apps have support for multiple currencies. Therefore you can launch your games in all the countries that you want to target.
Multiple Payment Options
We develop real money poker games that can support various types of payment options so that the users can use any option that is suitable to them without having any second thought.
RNG+ Certification
Our poker games are incorporated with Random Number Generator technology to ensure that random cards are distributed to the players and therefore it delivers fair gameplay.
Supports emojis
To improve the gameplay, we have added emojis to the game that comes with animation. The users can use them during the game to have a fun experience.

What makes us a best poker game development company?

Capermint technology is a one-stop for all your poker development needs. Whether you are looking to upgrade your poker game or you want to develop a game from scratch, our expert developers can help you with everything. Our developers are highly capable of developing customized apps that are focused on your special demands.

We follow the agile methodology and therefore we will be able to develop the best poker game for you on time. From planning the product to forming marketing strategies, our team will help you with everything. Our developers are passionate gamers, and therefore they know what the audience wants and expects, therefore they can develop the best poker game with all the necessary and advanced features.

How much does it cost to develop a poker game app?

Poker game development costs start from $15,000 – $20,000 for a single platform (Android or iOS) with basic functionalities. And if you want to develop a mobile poker game with all the advanced features and support multiple mobile platforms will cost higher based on functionalities.

If you are looking for a mobile app and game development company to develop a real money poker game, you can contact us. We have solid technical game developers who have developed various real money poker games.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the objective of the poker game?

Poker is a card game in which the player bets on the hand that they have got, and if they have the highest hand according to the rules of poker, the player is declared the winner and in return, they win money.


A player can also win by bluffing. Poker is not just about winning the pot, but also about folding when it is necessary. This thing is used by many expert players, as they will raise the bet again and again, which will force the other players to think that they have the biggest hand, even though they don’t have. This way one can win even when they don’t have the best hand.

How to play a poker game? (Poker Gameplay)

Poker is a game that can be played between 2 or more players. The game starts when all the players put the boot money in between. The boot money depends on the table that you are playing on. The boot money is the money given to play the game and have the cards.


The cards are distributed clock-wise. Once the players have the cards, they have a choice to play blind (betting without seeing the cards), or they can bet after seeing their cards. Another option is to fold if the player doesn’t have good cards.


Once the betting starts, the betting rounds begin. A hand can be improved in the betting round, when more cards are dealt, depending on the variation that you are playing. All the bets are gathered on the pot that is between the table.


Now there are two possibilities:​


  • If one player bets and all the other players fold, the better gets all the money that is present in the pot. Another thing that can happen here is bluffing. Bluffing is the main feature of poker, which has made the game so popular.
  • All the players will keep on betting, and there will be a showdown. All the players will be forced to show their cards. The person with the highest hand, according to the variation wins, and they will get the pot money.
How much does it take time for poker game app development?

It will take around 12 weeks to develop a real money poker game and the timeline can increase up to 20 weeks depending on the features and number of platforms.

What is the process of poker game development?
The process starts with the analysis of your idea and requirements. Then begins the customization and development process. After that, all the functions and functionality are added to the app. Once the app is ready, it’s the time for beta testing. After several tests, the app is ready to be launched.
Do you provide continuous maintenance support for poker game development?
Yes, Capermint Technology provides you with continuous maintenance support for poker game development. Even after the development, you can opt for the monthly retention plan.
What technologies do you use for poker game development?
We develop a real money poker game using the world-famous Unity Game Engine. For the backend, we use Node.JS and The database is maintained using MongoDB and the server is AWS.

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