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Capermint Technologies is a pioneer Augmented Reality Game Development company. Our experienced team of Augmented Reality developers can design & develop the most effective AR games.

Leading AR App & Game Development Solutions

Capermint is one of the leading Augmented Reality App & Game Development Company that delivers impressive AR visualizations for the worldwide base audiences. Combining innovation and creativity after performing research, we provide unmatched augmented reality game development services to our clients.

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Augmented Reality Development Services

Capermint Technologies is among the leading Augmented reality game and App Development company. With wide experience in Augmented Reality Game and App Development, and along with our certified and expert Augmented Reality developers, we offer full-cycle development of Interacting games and appealing Unreal apps. Here are the Augmented Reality Services that we offer:

AR Game Development Service
AR Game Development Service

Our Augmented Reality Game developers have the utmost experience in developing AR games. They have a grip over the technology that enables them to develop AR games that provide the best gaming experience that will keep the users hooked to the game.

AR App Development Service
AR App Development Service

Capermint Technologies have immense experience in developing Mobile Apps using Augmented Reality. With our Augmented Reality app solutions, you can provide an unimaginable and futuristic experience to your users.

AR Integration Service
AR Integration Service

If you wish to upgrade your app or game, and you want to integrate Augmented Reality features in the app/game, you can do so with Capermint’ AR Integration service. We will transform your app or game into a futuristic one with AR integration service.

AR Real Money Game Development Service
AR Real Money Game Development Service

Provide your users with the next-gen real money game which is bestowed with the Augmented Reality feature. With this, the users can just point their phone to a flat surface, and the game with other online players will be projected.

Augmented Reality

The future of gaming

Augmented reality gaming is the integration of game visual and audio content with the user’s environment in real time. With this, the users can use their smartphone to transport all the assets of the game into the real world. 

This will provide an excellent gaming experience to the users, as they can play the game in the real world. This opens the door to endless opportunities. Develop the next-gen mobile game with Capermint’s Augmented Reality Game Development Service.


Hire our Augmented Reality Game Developers

  • Capermint Technologies is identified as the trusted AR Game development Company in the IT industry.

  • Our developers are well-versed with the latest technologies and game development frameworks.

  • We integrate creative, innovative and effective features within the AR Games.

  • Adopting cutting edge technology and agile methodologies, we harness augmented reality games.

  • Our AR game development services ensure to take the game lovers.

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Types of AR Games We Can Build

The Augmented Reality’s gaming scenario is a constantly evolving one, and although not all the genres of mobile gaming has been merged with this technology, there are various game types that are prominently using this technology to take their gaming experience to the new heights. Here are the Augmented Reality games that we effortlessly build:

  • AR Geolocation games

    AR Geolocation games

    Hunting or collecting games has been the fantasy of the people, and with geo-location based games, you can provide the users with the same.

  • AR FPS games

    AR FPS games

    Transform the user’s environment into a fascinating battle ground using the Augmented Reality technology in the First Person Shooting games.

  • AR RPG games

    AR RPG games

    Transport the users into the mesmerising world of Role-Playing Games, where you can take the users to the amazing environment of your creation.

  • AR Shooting games

    AR Shooting games

    Multiple shooting games like gun shooting, archery, etc can be taken to the next level by integrating them with the Augmented Reality technology.

  • AR Sports games

    AR Sports games

    Take the users to the ground filled with crowd and other online real players and let them enjoy the ultimate experience of AR Sports game.

  • AR Turn based games

    AR Turn based games

    The new era of AR games brings the AR Turn based game for the users who want to play the game with their friends and family turn-by-turn.

  • AR Table games

    AR Table games

    Be it Poker, or our favourite childhood games like Ludo, Snake and Ladder, etc, the experience of all these games can be boosted by developing AR table games.

  • AR Card games

    AR Card games

    Introduce the AR feature in the famous and best time killer games like Teen Patti, Poker, etc and provide the users with the best mobile card game experience.

  • Smart Notifications

    Smart Notifications

    Smart Notifications allow you to send push notifications to all the users. You can target these notifications to motivate them to play the game now.

  • Anti-Fraud System

    Anti-Fraud System

    We use state of the art security tools and protocols to ensure that the Ludo game that we develop is safe against online frauds.

  • Chat & Voice Functionality

    Chat & Voice Functionality

    We can integrate real-time voice and chat functionality to make the game more exciting.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    Multiple Payment Options

    We can integrat various payment Gateways includes various cards, Paytm, Gpay, Stripe, and many more.

  • Refer & Earn Functionality

    Refer & Earn Functionality

    We have added the refer and earn functionality to the ludo game that provides a unique invite code to each user and provide easy to earn referral money.

  • RNG+ Technology Certification

    RNG+ Technology Certification

    Random Number Generator technology means that whenever the dice is rolled, the number that shows up on the dice is a totally random number. RNG+ Certification ensures fair gameplay in our AR games.

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How much does it cost to develop an Augmented Reality Game_

How much does it cost to develop an augmented reality game?

Augmented reality game development can cost around $60,000 to $90,000 for a single platform with basic functionality. If you wish to develop an augmented reality games with all the advanced features and functionalities, with support for multiple platforms, it may cost up to $500,000.

Augmented Reality Game Development Process

Capermint Technologies delivers robust, scalable, and high-performance Augmented Reality game development services to help you harness the power of technology to get the perfect mobile game. Our Augmented Reality Game Development Process ensures that we cost-effectively develop quality products.

Design Game Structure

Create Game Wireframe

Game Development


Game Testing


Support and Maintenance

Augmented Reality Game Development Advantages

We offer various advantages with our Augmented Reality Game Development Service that keeps us ahead of the competition and our clients happy.

Robust AR Game Performance

The work that we do defines us and we want to be defined as the best and therefore, all our apps and games work seamlessly across all devices. App/Games developed by us never lags.

Visionary Game Concepts

Our developers are serious game lovers, and therefore they know what the audience wants and needs, and with this, they can develop visionary game concepts for you.

Creative UI & Character Design

Looks do matter when it comes to games. Our talented designers and developers use the most advanced tools and techniques to develop amazing UI & characters for the game.

Cost-Effective Solutions
Cost-Effective Solutions

We understand the cut-throat competition that prevails in the market and therefore we have kept our pricing policy of all our services highly flexible that can fit every budget.

End to End Support
End-to-End Support

You just have to share your idea, the rest lies to us. From planning, design, development, deployment, testing, launching to after services, we will take care of it all.

Scheduled Delivery

As we follow the agile approach, you don’t have to worry about the deadline. Having a team of expert developers is a really great asset that contributes towards timely delivery.

Why is Capermint the Best Augmented Reality Game Development Company?


Capermint Technologies develops award-winning AR game apps utilizing multiple and advanced technologies. Our team of app developers understands the psychology of the online users, and likewise, we extend the gaming solutions that ensure to provide a high-defined gaming experience.

The team of AR game developers are highly creative and dedicated to developing AR game apps with high-quality graphics, sound, architecture, and functions.

Augmented Reality Development FAQs

We want to solve all the queries you may have and answer all the questions that may enter your mind. Therefore, here is a curated list of Frequently Asked Questions about Augmented Reality development that most clients ask. If you have any questions other than these, you can drop a message below or call us.

It will take around 12 weeks to develop an Augmented Reality Mobile App, and the timeline can increase up to 20 weeks, depending on the features and number of platforms.

We provide extensive support for our existing game projects.

Yes, we do help you in increasing as many levels in the game as you want. In fact, increasing the levels of the game falls under our game development process only, and therefore you don't have to worry about the same.

Definitely, Yes, you just need to share your game concept, and we will come up with a cool and appealing game for you.

Yes, at Capermint, we provide cross-platform AR game and app development service, and therefore, you can get your cross-platform AR game developed by us.

We use the following technologies to develop impactful and effective Augmented Reality Mobile apps and games:


  • AR Toolkit
  • Vuforia
  • Kudan
  • Wikitude
  • Microsoft Hololense
  • Apple iBeacon
  • Google Project Tango

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is an internationally acclaimed AR game that nearly broke the internet when it was launched. The game still ranks in the top 3 grossing mobile games. The Ar feature of the game let’s the user feel the real pokemon experience. It is a location-based AR game. The users can catch the pokemons by using their camera.


Harry potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an AR game that takes the users to the magical world of hogwarts. The users can become a student at Hogwarts University and they can experience the magical world of Harry Potter. The users can walk around the world to collect magical items and they can also battle with various foes.


Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive brings the extinct dinosaurs to our world. The players can move around the world to find new dinosaurs. They can also collect these dinosaurs. The players can use their dinosaur to fight with other players, or they can also use them to create hybrid dinosaurs in the game’s lab. The game also offers a subscription that will give your daily rewards.


Kings of Pool

Bring the pool game to your house or anywhere. The game will create a pool table on top of any flat surface and then you can use the same to play the pool game. The game features an online multiplayer pool, and therefore you can play the game with players around the world. There are also features like global chat, player profile, and much more.


Knightfall AR

Knightfall AR is a board game that you can play using your phone’s camera. Just find any flat surface and point your phone’s camera towards it, and it will be transformed into a Knight board. It is a board that you can play with multiple players. The controls of the games makes the game more fun, and entertaining to play.

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