How To Earn Money From Chat Applications like WhatsApp & WeChat?

Long Gone are those days when pricey SMS services were the only mode of communication through the mobile phones. Nowadays, there are some Chat Apps which enable the users to communicate with each other without paying a single penny! Yes, the users don’t have to pay any money, to send a picture or text to their dear ones. With the help of improved internet technology, the entrepreneurs have managed to develop unique Chat Apps through which it is possible to communicate and share thoughts with the whole world.

Chatting Application Is Now the Trending Investment Platform for the Entrepreneurs

Every individual in this world is now connected with the internet technology, either through a desktop or the smartphones. As compared to the desktop users, the Smartphone users are pretty high. Again, the access of internet through the smartphones has become handier with the revolution of mobile applications in the market. And here started the trend of Chat Apps to enhance the communications through the smartphones.

Some popular and common Chat Apps include WhatsApp, Snapchat, WeChat, Hike, Viber, and Line. Everyday billions of users are accessing these messaging applications to communicate with each other. Nowadays, the corporate platforms have also adopted these Chat Apps to manage the communication of their businesses.

How To Monetize Chat Applications?

As the chat applications are free to use, it doesn’t mean that owners are not earning any profit. It has been observed that Chat Apps like WeChat, Viber, and Hike spend a lot of money in advertising their products on different platforms. Again, a huge team is also arranged by the owners to modify the applications as per the need of the users. Overall, a lot of expenses are associated with the development and promotion of Chat Apps.

But here the question is how the owners manage such increasing expenses? Well, there are many ways to generate handsome revenues from a Chat Application. The entrepreneurs, who are investing their money and idea on the messaging applications are very smart in their ways. They earn money from different direct and indirect sources and efficiently manage all the expenses.

Important Methods to Generate Revenues from Chat Apps

Here are some important methods to earn money from a Chat Application. Simply, go through every method to know the revenue generating secrets associated with the messaging applications.

1. In App Payments

After downloading the application, the users start to interact with the content of the Chat App. So, here the features of the application play an important role. If the features are compelling enough to attract a user, then it is possible to earn some revenues through the features of a Chat App. WeChat, one of the popular messaging applications, introduced video games on its chatting platform, which attracted the users to interact with the game. The games available on WeChat are so addictive that, the users play them all the time.

But the free trial of the games is valid up to a specific period, after that the users have to pay an amount to play the game. Here the In-app purchase played a significant role, in generating the revenues for the owner. To generate more revenues, it is recommended to introduce attractive themes, filters, wallpapers, and videos in the chat applications under the premium category. It is obvious, if the users like the contents, then they will pay for the premium contents. And hence, some running revenues can be effectively maintained through the Chat Apps.

2. Advertisement

Though the smartphones are pretty common on every hand, the advertisers have started to promote the advertisements through mobile applications. Nowadays Chat Apps are the most effective platform for mobile advertising as the users are actively available all the time. Different affiliation and pay per clicks programs are also allowed on different chatting applications. Thus, by promoting different advertisements on the applications, it is feasible for the aspiring entrepreneurs to grab good revenue.

3. Renewal Charges

Some of the Chat Apps charge a nominal amount from the users after a certain period of one year. The most popular Chat App – WhatsApp was charged $0.99 to its users in past, to renew the application every year. Thus, by charging a renewal amount, it is feasible for the entrepreneurs to generate revenues from their Chat Apps.

4. Cost Per Download

When a messaging application is available to download in the app store, the users start to download the application. The messaging applications are free to download for the users. With the increment in downloads, the app store pays an amount to the application owner, for every download. Thus, it is feasible for the developers/owners to earn some money with every download, though the application is free to download.

5. Official or Verified Accounts

This concept is now trending in the market, and almost every Chat App platform has adopted this feature. With the help of an official account, the celebrities and popular brands can efficiently interact with their users by sharing pictures, texts and much more. Here, the celebrities or the brands pay an amount to the application owner, for maintaining the official account.

So, if you are planning to build your own Chat App, then don’t hesitate to invest, as the returns are more than good. Adopt all these above methods to earn more and more revenues through the chatting application. Just don’t forget to attract some users to your chatting platform, as the main concept to earn revenue is –“More users breeding in and around the Chat application, more are the chances of high revenues.”

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