How To Calculate The Cost Of Mobile Game Development?

Adoption rates of Smartphone across the world are increasing fast! With such strategy, mobile game app industry is successfully scaling up with incredible opportunities. For the success rates, brands are aiming to launch game apps. The motive behind developing gaming apps varies with brands, but this is a fact that brands are getting attracted towards the strategy of developing game apps. Do you wish to launch a mobile game app in App store? Then, you need to be aware of certain factors before initiating the process.

Optimizing the Entire Game Development Process Is Essential For the Publishers

One of the Imperial factors is to calculate the costs of mobile game development. Maximum people actively get attracted towards mobile game app development with an aim to earn money with the success and popularity of the game. Any business person would opt to maximize the returns on the investments for game development.

Thus, it is essential for the businesses to optimize the mobile game development process and learn about the best effective strategies of game app development and save time, money as well as utilization of resources! Following such effective strategy, the businesses could be able to earn higher profits in comparison to the investment.

Mobile Game Development and Its Essential Factors Impacting On Its Cost

1. Genre of the game

Mobile game development cost is determined by its genre. The gaming sector has successfully encompassed vastly. As per the varying interest of game lovers, mobile game development studios are creating games in different genres.

From simple puzzle games to shooter games and single player games to multiplayer games, the mobile game development studios are developing the game apps as per the distinct features of the latest Smartphones. The integrated functional features of the device are outstanding indeed, and as per the features, the game apps are developed. Following cost-effective strategy is essential to ensure higher returns.

2. Select the platform

Complexity in graphics, game art, UI design and vendor costs are few of the most important factors that determine the cost of mobile game development. Apart from these factors, another factor that decides the cost of game app development is the selected mobile platform.

Developing Game apps for Android is quite cheaper than iOS platform! Due to the evolution of technology and invention of cross-platform game app development frameworks, the cost of game development related to the targeted platform has become stable.

This tech efficiency even ensures widespread engagement of the game apps as well! Developing game apps on cross-platform costs higher in comparison to native mobile games but the total costs for developing native game apps for different platforms is quite higher than developing on cross-platform.

3. Timing

Mobile game app development is quite competitive thus timing is one of the major concerns that the businesses need to give high emphasis upon! It is essential for the game app development studios to design and create game apps of high quality within limited time-frame. Increased time for game app development means increased cost for game app development.

4. Selecting the right game development company

Selecting the game development company is another challenge for the game publishers. It is essential to select the experienced firms or game development studios. Expecting high-quality work from start-ups or the freelancers is a waste of time and effort. The start-ups or the freelancers certainly charge lower for game app development to attract clients but it is essential to learn about their previous work and experience before hiring.

5. Spend on game marketing

Figuring out the exact cost of game app development is quite tedious as cost-estimation of game apps is depends on different factors! You need to solve a series of puzzles to estimate the real cost of game app development. Spending thousands only for game development is not the answer. The biggest game publishers spend on marketing the games as well.

For creating high-quality games, the game development team requires specialized artists, testers, and developers. Many game app development studios don’t find it feasible to hire the specialists on a regular basis. Thus, outsourcing is a proven and cost-effective strategy to ensure the output to be of high quality and save high costs of hiring individuals.

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Modes of Outsourcing Game Development

1. Nearshore Outsourcing

The strategy of nearshore outsourcing involves the specialized experts that are in proximity. This ensures easy coordination among the specialists and facilitates the individuals to utilize the resources in the best way.

2. Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing strategy involves different experts located in different countries. The most impressive advantage of offshore outsourcing is the significant reduction of game app development costs. Offshore outsourcing also accelerates the game app development time.

Game App Development Cycle

The game publishers aiming to reduce the game app development costs which would need to search for the game studio that offers offshore outsourcing services. It is essential to understand different tasks of the development cycle that could be outsourced for ensuring maximum efficiency of the output product.


Design and development of the entire game concept, art design, character design and initial game prototypes are included in the pre-production phase of game app development.


The production phase of game app development is intense, and this phase includes the steps of finalization of the game assets, building the game levels, coding, scripting, and programming.


The final stage of the game app development cycle is testing. This phase of the development cycle involves testing and debugging the game app on different platforms and devices. This step ensures compatibility of the game with different mobile devices and platforms.

How to Ensure To Reduce the App Development Costs?

In general, the works performed in the pre-production phase is outsourced to the nearshore companies. This is because the initial phase requires extensive coordination in between the specialists to finalize the concept. The tasks performed in the production phase can be outsourced to the offshore markets. This ensures high quality works at a low price.

The most impressive and suitable option for the publishers is to choose mobile game designing and development with a combination of reliability, talent, man-power, and cost effective feature. Performing extensive market research, you can find the best game development company.

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