A23 Carrom Case Study

Inspired by the Classic Board Game, A23 Carrom Game is the best carrom game that the users get with the A23 Mobile App to play with real-time online players or with their friends and family, anytime and anywhere.

Capermint Technologies feeling honored to develop and deliver A23 Carrom Game successfully.

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Capermint Proudly Delivered an Entertaining Carrom Game to Earn Real Money

A23 Carrom is one of the amazing games that the users can play on the incredible A23 App. The carrom game can be played with 2-4 players. The game provides a thrilling and entertaining experience to the users. The game requires insane skills and dedication to become an expert carrom player.

A23 Carrom offers exclusive emojis, various stricker skins, chat options, smooth animation, and an engaging gameplay experience that will satisfy the carrom enthusiasts. Make the best shots and score the highest to win the game. Download the A23 game now and start playing the most satisfying Carrom game!



As Carrom is a really famous game, there were various Tic Tac Carrom games already out there in the app stores. Therefore, the major challenge was to develop a unique UI/UX for the game, so that our Carrom game can stand out of the competition, and also can attract a lot of Carrom players.

Another major challenge was to make the game as smooth as possible so that our game can offer the same gameplay experience that the real carrom game provides. Capermint were also asked to create exclusive A23 Carrom emojis for the game that the users can use to increase the fun of the carrom gameplay.

Strategy & Planning


Unique UI/UX
To attract all the carrom enthusiasts towards our carrom game, we depicted the original carrom board with smooth animations to deliver the best carrom experience.


Various Stricker Skins
A23 Carrom offers various striker skins in the game. The users can choose their favorite one to play and enjoy our carrom game.


Exclusive Emojis
The users can use various exclusive A23 Carrom emojis while playing the game to have fun or to taunt their opponent.

Carrom A23 Features

A23 Carrom is a real money carrom game that the users can play to earn real money. The game offers simple gameplay and smooth controls to offer an amazing experience.

It’s time to hit the table!

Different Board UI Skins

A23 Carrom offers various carrom board skins that the users can choose from to play on. These skins will keep the gameplay experience hyped for the users. The users can try various skins and choose the one that best fits their style and gameplay.

Security and Fairplay Measures

A23 Carrom is a secure game that the users can trust to play real money carrom games on. We have used world-class security protocols in the game to keep it safe from hackers and other such issues. The game also follows a fairplay policy that will notify the users if they are playing for longer durations or if they are losing unusually large amounts of money.

Solution / Result

A23 Carrom gives a shape to the fantasy of various Carrom players who were wasting their talent on a Carrom game that was just a leisure game. A23 Carrom provides them a platform in which they can use their Carrom skills to earn real money.

A23 Carrom has thousands of daily players and holds daily tournaments. Along with the smooth gameplay that the game offers, the users also enjoy the chat and exclusive emojis feature of the game. With real-time score updates, the game successfully increases the thrill of the carrom game.


Strikers Selection

The stiker is the most valuable piece in the carrom game as all the users will be using this piece to score all the points. In A23 carrom, we have designed and created various striker skins that can be used to play the game. The users can choose any of the stickers to play the game. These exclusive striker skins elevate the carrom’s amazing gaming experience.

Emojis Selection

The emojis are widely used to change expressions. In A23 Carrom, we have added various exclusive emojis that the users can use to express their feelings while playing the game. Whether it is to congratulate the other users, to taunt them, or to tell them that you are impressed by their shot, you can do it all with the amazing and exclusive A23 emojis.


A23 Carrom is performing as per the expectation of the clients, and has thousands of daily users who are using their Carrom skills on the A23 platform to earn real money. The unique app design and the entertaining gameplay experience has helped the game bag a lot of users. The strategic game has become a graphically attractive and brilliantly entertaining game.

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