Lead your army and defend your tower in this fun-packed 3D battle royal game. Expedition – Warrior of Steel is a multiplayer game in which you have to form strategies and work accordingly to lead your army towards victory. The game also has offline mode that can be used to train, earn rewards, and upgrade.

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A Jocose Adventure Awaits You

Use your strategic skills and guide your army to win against various online players. Showcase your skills and get featured in the leaderboard. The 3D Battle Royal is all about winning and upgrading till you click the very high peak and become the Ultimate Warrior this Expedition.

Train and upgrade your troops and tower to become stronger. There are 20 different battle grounds in the offline mode, and 5 exciting battle grounds in the online mode to increase your excitement. Attack the enemy using the troops from multiple towers and use your strategy to find the shortest part to attack the common area or the enemy tower to conquer it.

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The first challenge was to develop and integrate a Smart AI for the game that will adapt to the techniques and strategies of the players in the offline mode and will be able to beat them. Therefore it doesn’t matter if the player that is playing the game is noob or pro, the AI will adapt to their gameplay and will adjust the difficulty accordingly.

The second challenge was to sync the gameplay in online real-time in the multiplayer option. The gameplay should act in real-time to provide the perfect gaming experience. As and when a player gives a command to the game, the game must reciprocate for the same and should be synced by the other player’s game too.



Multiplayer Battle Royal

The first strategy was to design and develop a unique and fun-packed online battle royal game that can be played using strategy and skills.


Various Battle Fields

The second strategy was to design various battle fields, and therefore there are 20 battle grounds for offline and 5 for online gameplay.


Smart AI

The third strategy was to develop a custom AI that can adapt as per the gameplay of the players and then it can set the difficulty level accordingly.

Game Features / Core Functionality

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Exciting Battle Grounds

Exciting Battle Grounds

Defend your tower and use your troops by forming amazing strategies to capture the towers of other players and defeat them. There are various battle grounds in the game that will keep the gameplay unique and exciting. There are 20 battle grounds in the offline mode and 5 battle grounds in the online multiplayer mode of the game.
Strategic Gameplay

Multiplayer PvP Gameplay

Defend your towers and attack the towers of the other player to win the game. It is a strategic game and therefore you will have to act by forming an unbeatable plan or you will lose. Find the shortest way to attack the common area for a troop fight, or find a way to attack the tower of the other player to conquer it and win the game.
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Multiple Levels

Multiple Levels

The offline mode offers multiple levels that you can play for practice and to earn coins and diamonds. These can be used to upgrade the tower and the troops. In the offline mode, there is an AI integration. The AI integration will adapt to the gameplay of the user and will adjust the difficulty of the game accordingly.
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The tower and the troops can be upgraded using the coins and the diamonds. If you want to upgrade the towers and the troops faster and to the maximum level, you buy the coins and diamonds from the shop. There are various payment integrations in the game, and therefore you will be able to choose your preferred payment option.
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Global Leaderboard

Global Leaderboard

The global leaderboard is in sync with the gameplay of the users all around the world, and therefore the best players from all around the world will be showcased on the Global Leaderboard. The players can earn more points and coins to be showcased on the Global Leaderboard. It works as an inspiration for the gamers to try harder.

Various Settings

Various Settings

The game can be customized as per the preference of the player. Various setting options are provided to the users so that they can set them as per their choice. The players can enable/disable the audio, vibration, and the notifications. They can also sync their Google and Facebook account with the game.
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Warning Notification

Warning Notification

Once you start a game, it will not be saved and synced with the data in real-time, as the result of the game keeps on changing till the very end. Therefore if the player leaves the game before saving it, the game will not be saved. To prevent this from happening, a warning will pop-up if the player tries to leave an unfinished game.

Test & Launch

The very first feature that we tested was the customized AI. To keep the game interesting, the gameplay should be a little difficult, and the AI feature is to ensure that this happens. Therefore we tested the feature with various players to see if the AI can effectively adapt to the gameplay and set the difficulty level or not

We also tested all the payment integrations of the game and the security of the game, We tested the social media integration for Facebook and Google. These integrations can be used to add your social media friends as in-game friends in the game.

Solution / Result

Online Battle Royal Game: The users can form various strategies to attack the towers of the other players to win the game. The users can use the coins and diamonds that they win by playing to upgrade their troops and tower to gain more power.

AI powered offline mode :The offline mode of the game is synced with the AI to provide an exciting experience to the players. The AI will adjust as per the gameplay of the player and will set the difficulty level of the game accordingly.

Multiple BattleFields:
Expedition game has 20 different battlefields for the offline mode and there are 5 battlefields for the online mode of the game. The players can try all the battlefields of the game and select the perfect battlefields for themselves.

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The game has reached 10,000+ downloads in just one month of its launch. The 3D graphics of the game and the strategic gameplay makes an addictive combo and therefore the users will be playing the game for hours. The online mode allows the users to play the game with their family and friends, and therefore this multiplies the fun of the game.

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