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Quiz is a beloved game of many users to test their knowledge and skills. However, if you answer a question in ordinary quiz games you will only get the satisfaction of being right, however is that enough if you invest your time in the game? Therefore we created Quiz Empire – A Real Money Quiz Game.

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Use Your Knowledge And Skills To Earn Real Money

Quiz Empire is a real money app that provides the users with an opportunity to use their knowledge and skills to earn real money. The questions will range between Maths, Sports, General Knowledge, Politics, Entertainment, etc. If you are a know it all kind of person, this is an app worth investing your time.

Answer the questions right to not only get the satisfaction of being right, but also to earn real money from it. And therefore, you have the perfect platform to invest your time and knowledge in. Now, you have a earning platform in your pocket, that you can use 24*7 to earn money by playing a quiz game.

quize-empire-logo Challenge


Quiz Empire is a game in which the users will earn real money by answering questions, and therefore the very first challenge was to add so many questions in the app that no question is repeated for the user. This can be an unfair advantage in the tournament mode and therefore we have added tons of questions in the app with a smart feature that ensures that random questions are asked to the users.

The second challenge was to integrate various payment getaways in the app to facilitate the deposit and withdrawal of money. We have to integrate multiple payment getaways in the app so that the user has various options that they can choose between according to their preference.

The third challenge was to create a game history feature that can be used to maintain all data and history of all the games that the user had played. It will showcase the entry amount, win/loss status, and even the date and time of the game.




To earn bigger prizes and to showcase who is the smartest Quiz Empire player, the users can play in the tournament mode of Empire Quiz.


Instant Withdrawal

Every platform offers the instant deposit, Quiz Empire offers their players Instant withdrawal to their Paytm and UPI wallet.


Refer And Earn

The last strategy was to enable a refer and earn feature in which the players will get a bonus in their wallet when they refer the game.

App Features / Core Functionality

Choose Between various Contests

Choose Between Various Contests

Multiple contests with different entry fees and price pool take place around the app. You can select any contest that you like. There is a user limit in each contest and therefore you will be shown only those competitions in which the user limit is not completed. Join the contest that you like and start earning real money by playing quiz.

Contest Details

Contest Details

As soon as you select a contest, you will be presented with a detailed view of the contest. The detailed view will show you the name of the contest, the duration, entry fees, members limit, and the winning prize. It will also let you know the price distribution based on the rank Do read all the contest details before joining the game.

My Tournaments

My Tournaments

The my tournament feature can be used to see all the current tournaments that you are a part of. The tournament is commenced over a course of specified period and therefore the player will have to wait for the next round once a round is completed. In the my tournaments section, the players can see all the tournaments they are currently playing.



After a contest or tournament is completed, the users will be able to see their score and the number of questions that they have given right against the total number of questions that they answered. They will also get stars based on their performance in the game. If the player is not satisfied with the scores, they can reattempt.

quiz empire screen 6
Withdraw Money


Unlike other real money games that provide instant money adding and withdrawal after several hours, Empire Quiz bestows the users with instant withdrawal. The users can get their winning or deposited money in their bank account or wallet in an instant. The users can choose between Paytm and bank account as per their convenience.

Sliding Main Menu


The main menu option can be used to edit the profile of the user. It can be used to go back to the home, my wallet, my tournament, leaderboard, refer and earn, how to play, helpdesk, and settings. The sliding main menu is a shortcut for all the features of the Empire Quiz. The users can use it to simply browse through various screens of the app.

quiz empire screen 7

Test & Launch

We have tested all the payment integrations of the app and the security of the app as the first concern that the users have when they play real money games is the security of their money. We have tested the wallet and the history option to showcase all the transactions and to show the correct and updated data all the time. We have tested the tournament feature to ensure a fair gameplay.

We have also tested the refer and earn feature to provide a separate code to each user and to add the bonus in the user’s wallet as the code is used by the referred person. We have also tested the social media integration to ensure that the users can easily add their family and friends as in-game friends in Quiz Empire.


Instant Withdrawal: Empire Quiz enables the users to instantly withdraw their hard earned money from their wallet. The users can use Paytm or Bank Account to get the money withdrawn instantly after verification of the same.

Tournament Feature :The tournament feature allows the users to earn huge prizes by participating in a series of matches against various players. The users can showcase their knowledge and skills against other players and can get bigger cash prizes.

Detailed Data Records:
The game creates a record of all the games that the player plays on Quiz Empire. It will also create and save a detailed record of all the transactions that the users do. The users can refer to these records whenever they want to.



Quiz Empire is a dedicated platform for all the brainies out there. If you think you are smart enough to answer all the questions correctly, then this is the perfect app to use your knowledge and skills. Why waste your knowledge on apps and quizzes that provide you nothing when you answer the question correctly, instead onboard the Quiz Empire game and use your knowledge to earn real money.

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