How to Build a Video Streaming App like Netflix/Amazon Prime?

The growing addiction to mobile phones increases the usage of mobile applications for various industries like shopping, food ordering, entertainment, traveling etc. As shown in below statistics it is clearly visible that to reach more people around the world industries choose to have virtual users and online businesses.

The same mentality consumers carry, If they get what they want with less hustle, they like the approach and that is the core reason why the ratio of mobile application usage has increased. People like to read eBooks,purchase products, listen to the latest music over an app, watch movies/videos in their bed.

(Source By: Data Reportal – Digital Around The World)

For watching movies and videos television was a common space. But On-Demand video streaming is breaking the traditional path of approaching viewers by allowing them to watch everything anytime, anywhere in their mobile phones.

What is Video Streaming App?

Streaming is the method of transmitting data using the internet in a continuous flow which allows playback to start while the rest of the data is still being received. This invention has given a new way for people to watch whatever they like without compulsion of downloading it.

When it comes to trending applications for video streaming, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Hulu, HBO Now are the popular names. While their popularity due to popular video stream app features is beyond any question, many users seek an alternative to it.

Fortunately, you can build apps with video streaming features like these apps. No, you do not need to do a separate course for it. All you need is to follow a few simple steps.

Read on to find out more about the benefits of a video streaming app, and how you can develop an alternative to Amazon Prime and Netflix.

What Video Streaming Apps Offers ?

  • It provides access to videos on mobile phones: Because mobile phones are portable devices, you can carry them in your pocket. Imagine what can happen if you get to play videos on mobiles. You can view them anytime, and anywhere. The compatibility of video streaming applications with mobile phones is what makes them a great choice.
  • You get updates about broadcasts and episodes: Watching videos with a video streaming service is in many ways better than watching a movie on television. The providers of such services notify you by sending you notifications from time to time. Knowing what you are going to watch beforehand sets your expectations right. Also, it allows you to remain prepared so you do not miss out on your favourite program.
  • You get to see the videos that matter the most: Television may be an idiot box but the perception of viewing videos on mobile phones is different from it. Unlike television, you get more choices while watching videos on mobile phones. You get to view the videos that you like the most.
  • Social features for building community: Most video streaming services integrate with social media services in some way or the other. How exactly does it benefit you? It allows you to build a network of friends whom you can invite. If you are lucky enough, you may even get some additional features such as rewards.
  • Fresh content: You can always expect fresh content with mobile video streaming services. They keep updating new content from time to time. The rationale behind it is to encourage average viewers to show interest in subscribing to paid packages. Users benefit from it too as they get to see fresh and unique content.
  • Subscription: Subscription is the feature which helps the application providers to earn the revenue. The more unique content the application has, the more chances are there that it can attract a bunch of consumers. Video Streaming apps provide multiple options for subscription according to their user-base.
  • Multiple Registration and Personal Profile: You can create an account with just the email address or using social accounts and you are set to manage your language preference, interests, type of content you like to appear on your dashboard etc. Other than that you can be able to add the videos to your watch list, download them for watching later, choose the video stream quality from lowest to the highest based on network bandwidth condition.

Monetization based categorization of Video Streaming App:

1. Free Video Streaming Apps:

All video streaming applications featured with a free viewing of content over app when the app is launched or the user is new to the app. Afterwards to get most of the app users has to purchase any plan or subscription of the app.

2. Paid Video Streaming Apps:

Applications provide a feature of subscription where users have to buy a plan which is added in their account as a credit to continue watching/streaming the videos/movies etc. Gaming or trending movies are most commonly falls under such subscriptions.

3. Profit Earning Video Streaming Apps:

The content which is not available at any other source and which has copyright of such application falls under such type of category. The competitive apps use the strategy to show certain content over only their apps and if the user wants to see the video content, they have to purchase/pay the decided amount. It generates profit to the providers.

Video streaming app like Netflix

Before you proceed to develop a replica of the most prominent video streaming apps, like Netflix and Amazon, it is imperative that you jot down the points that separate these apps from the other alternatives available to users.

If you consider the features of two of the Most Prominent Video Streaming Apps, you are likely to come across the following points:

  • They offer a certain number of free movies/series online during the trial period.
  • These applications are versatile by nature as both these features work well in conjunction with smart TVs, tablets, smartphones, and desktops.
  • Both applications offer convenient options for in-app purchases, profile management, and user management.
  • The user interface of both the applications is secure and visually appealing to the eye. Due to this feature, it grabs the attention of its users.
  • With the applications corresponding to these two services, you can download content online to see it later.
  • The applications for these services are scalable with stringent performance.

Steps to building a video streaming application like Netflix or Amazon Prime

Building an application in line with the features of Netflix or Amazon Prime may not be a cakewalk. That said, it is not impossible either.

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to accomplish the task with your highest standards of dexterity.

While Android and iOS are the two popular platforms for smartphones, Windows is the dominant platform for desktops and laptops. In order to ensure a wide userbase, you need to focus on both.

If you wish to make your application even more popular, it is imperative that you also make it available on other platforms.

Technologies used in Development of Video Streaming App:

  • 1. Languages:

  • 2. Frameworks:

  • 3. Storage:

The aforementioned list of steps may appear a little long to you. Regardless of how good you are in application development; you will come across challenges if you undertake the task entirely on your own.

Be smart. There are numerous companies that help people like you in creating top-notch applications with the best design and advanced functionalities. You can make a light work of your intended application development by outsourcing your project to one such company. Do your research to find out which company is suitable to undertake your project.

Final thoughts

If you are planning to build a video streaming app which is similar to Amazon or Netflix, be prepared to face challenges. Unless you are an expert, you may have a hard time figuring out solutions to various challenges. If you are not sure how to go about it, the best thing you can do is approach an online video and streaming app development firm like Capermint Technologies to build the best online video and streaming app for your business.

Capermint Technologies is an application development company that expertise in developing mobile applications for different mobile platforms. The application experts there are highly experienced and can create all sort of mobile applications for their clients.

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