Beer Travel Case Study

Monitor your booze and discover new and trending booze around your place

Beer Travel is the perfect app for all the beer consumers out there. The app will help you find beer bars around you, and will also help you in finding new beers to taste. The app has all the details of flavours, ingredients, and history of all the types of beers. The app also has a post feature that will allow you to post images or text. You can also tag your friends in the posts.

The app will also keep you updated on what your friends are drinking and which bars are they visiting. You will also be able to see which places are the most visited places by the Beer Travel users and what is the most trending beer. Use the app to track your beer consumption and become a responsible beer user.


The first challenge was to detect the accurate location of the user so that the app can find and suggest the best bars near them. The app not only has to suggest famous nearby bars, but it also has to suggest famous and trending drinks to the users so that they can discover and try new and exciting beer flavours.

The second challenge was to create a history of all the drinks that the users consume so that the app can accurately track the beer consumption of the user. This will help the user in drinking responsibly and in control.

The third challenge was to integrate a post feature in the app that allows the users to post photos and texts, and also allows them to tag other users. This feature will keep the users updates of what their friends are drinking and with whom.



User Friendly UI/UX

Our first strategy was to develop an attractive and user-friendly UI/UX that enables the user to easily track their consumption and discover trending places.



The second strategy was to integrate the post feature so that the users can post what they are drinking and with whom


Beer Details

The third strategy was to create detailed pages for all the beers so that the users can know what they are drinking and also the history of the drink.

App Features

User Profile

Interactive Home Screen

Use the Home Screen to perform a variety of tasks in the Beer Travel app. The home screen can be used to access the user profile, to search for drinks or bars, to upload your post, to check-in, to share what you have tested recently, to see the posts of your friends, and to discover bars near you.


Find Bars near you

Discover new bars around you and book your drinks using the Beer Travel App. The app will show you the details of the bar including the opening and closing time, and the contact details of the bar. The app will also showcase various photos of the bar so you can get an idea of the ambience of the bar.

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Create Posts

Beer Travel is a dedicated app for beer enthusiasts. You can post photos, videos, and texts using this app, and you can keep it all about the beer. All the beer enthusiasts are on this platform and therefore no one will judge you and you can post as much about beers as you want. You can also tag your friends in the posts.


Map Features

The map can be used to explore and see who and what is around you. You can see all the users who are around you, and you can also discover the bars that are around you. You can also use this feature to see which beers are around you, and select which beers you are going to give a shot today.

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Easy Login

Tag your friends

The post feature of the app allows you to post photos, videos and tags of what and where you are drinking. In the posts, you can also tag your friends to share who you are enjoying and drinking with. Tag your friends to show that they are important to you, and also showcase your great company to the other users.


Track Beer

Track your beer consumption and your beer habits using the Beer Travel app. You will get a detailed history of what you have been drinking along with the time of the consumption. Track your beer consumption and become a responsible drinker. You will also get details about your most visited places and most ordered drinks.

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The simple three-step checkout process allows you to buy your favourite beer drinks in the easiest way possible. Select all the beers that you want to order and add them to your cart. Get the total amount and click on the checkout button, add and save your address and payment method for better checkout experience.

Test and Launch

As the delivery will be done using the location of the pick-up and drop-off, the first test that we performed was the accuracy of the locations. We also tested the GPS so that it can showcase all the bars and beers that are nearby the user. We tested the post feature and how accurately and easily it works. We tested the “Track Beer” function so that it can create an accurate and detailed history of your consumption.

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A Dedicated Beer App

A dedicated app for Beer enthusiasts that allows them to post, track, and discover new and trendy beers around them.

Discover new beers and bars

Find and discover trendy bars and beers near you. You will also be able to see which places your friends are visiting.

Track your consumption

The app helps you in tracking your consumption by creating a detailed history of which drinks you are having along with the consumption time.


Beer Travel is now a trendy app among beer enthusiasts. It not only helps them in finding new places and drinks, but it also helps them in tracking and managing their beer consumption. The app has thousands of daily users. The post feature makes it a beer-dedicated social platform and the users are daily posting thousands of posts using the app.

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