BullSpree Case Study

Use your Stock Market Expertise, and turn every Bull Spree match into a money earning opportunity

Stocks are the best place to invest your money and to earn from them. However the normal stock trading is now an ancient thing. It also is more risky and requires huge deposits from your side to own famous and profitable stocks.

On bull Spree, you do not have to own stocks. You just have to choose some stocks in your team, and then you have to predict if the value of the stock will go up or will go down. The more score your selected stocks gain, the more are your chances to win the match. You can also participate in practice matches to polish your Bull Spree Skills.


As Bull Spree is a Fantasy game and will use real money, we wanted to make sure that the game is totally secure and that there are no flaws in the security. The game is SSL secured and the gameplay is continuously monitored to ensure that there are no hackers or cheaters in the game.

The second challenge was to sync the gameplay in real-time. The gameplay should act in real-time to provide the perfect gaming experience. The live movement of stocks will be shown.

The third challenge was to create a game history feature that can be used to maintain all data and history of all the games that the user had played. It will showcase the entry amount, win/loss status, and even the date and time of the game.

Strategy and Planning


User Friendly UI/UX

To make our Bull Spree Fantasy game unique, we designed the game in a unique way that will provide the users with the ultimate Fantasy gaming experience.


Dedicated staffing solution

Many real money games offer instant deposit but when it comes to withdrawal, it is a lengthy process, and therefore we offer our users with instant withdrawal as well.


Location-based listing

To make the stock team forming process easy, Bull Spree offers performance history of all the stocks so that you can choose the right stocks for your team.

App Features

User Profile

Attractive and Interactive Interface

The Bull Spree app is very easy to navigate and use. It is also very attractive. The main menu option offers various functions for the app. The “Play” option can be used to play the fantasy game. “My contest” to see all your contests, “How to play” to learn how to play the game, and “profile” to view and edit your profile.


Choose your team

As you hit the “Play” button, you can now select and choose your team. You get a total of 100 score that you can use to choose your team. You can choose 4 large cap companies, 3 mid cap companies, and 3 small cap companies. Then you can choose to select to go bullish or bearish mode to start playing.

Publish Relief Shift
Finalize the most promising Candidate

Select Contest

BullSpree hosts various public contests that you can participate in. There will be multiple contests with multiple bets that the users can choose from according to their preference. The users can also create and join private contests in which they can set their own bets as per their choice.


Multiple Winners

The winning amount is distributed among various users in Bull Spree. In a match of 15 users, 10 users will win and get rewarded and thus this increases your chances of winning a prize. The winner will get the most out of the bet, and the 10th winner will get the least. However, having various winners makes it easy for the users to win in each game.

Apply for the shifts
Easy Login

Public Contests

You can join various public contests to use your stock trading skills to earn money on the Bull Spree Fantasy App. Public Contests are open to all and require no invitation or password to participate in. Participate in the game with random players, and prove all of them who is the best Fantasy Stock Player.


My Contest

The My Contest option can be used to see all the contests that you have participated in. it will show all your upcoming contests, contests that are live right now, and the past contests that you have participated in. The past contests will have a detailed history of all the past contests and will also show the winner of the contest.

Give Reviews
Get Notifications


The leaderboard option can be used to see the best player around the Bull Spree Fantasy App. The leaderboard also serves as a motivation for the players to see the best player around and to try to beat their score to become the best player themselves. The players have to give their best to be featured on the leaderboard.

Test and Launch

As this is a Fantasy game and it uses real money, the first thing that we tested was the security of the game, as when money factor is involved in anything, it becomes a sensitive matter and therefore we want to provide 100% security via our game. We have added SSL security to ensure the safety. The second thing that we tested was the user-experience of the game. We want people to return to our game every now and then, and to make this happen, we have to provide the best user-experience to the users. We checked the payment integration of the game to facilitate flawless deposits and withdrawals.

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  • App Store


Fantasy Game: BullSpree is a Fantasy Game that allows the users to use their stock market expertise and knowledge to earn from every day. The gameplay that the game offers makes the users come back to the app again and again.

Detailed Data Records: The game creates a record of all the contests that the player plays on Bull Spree. It will also create and save a detailed record of all the transactions that the users do. The users can refer to these records whenever they want to.

Instant Withdraw: The money that you earn belongs to you and therefore it should be easily available to you. The instant withdrawal feature allows the users to withdraw the money using any payment integration in the shortest possible time.


BullSpree is a Fantasy Stock game that is developed for the stock market enthusiasts. As the craze of stock market is at extreme levels, the popularity of Bull Spree is following the same path, and everyday new users are joining the app. The app has thousands of daily users, and is performing exceptionally well on various app stores.

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