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Empire games is a hub of real money games. Just download a single app, and you will get the access to a dozen real money games ranging for hyper casual to casino games. Now playing various games is not a leisure activity but a real money earning opportunity.

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A Hub Of Real Money Games

Get various real money games in one place and experience the rush and thrill of playing games that provide you with an opportunity to earn money. Find the games that you like on this platform and showcase your skills to earn cash prizes.

The platform is infused with games of various genres to provide the users with various options. Master your skills in various games or a single game to become the ultimate player of that game and turn your gaming hobby into a real money-earning one. You can also try your expertise in the tournament option to earn huge cash prizes.


Empire Games


The first challenge in Empire Games Development was to find various games that can be synced with the real money feature for the game. We researched and developed various skills based hyper casual games for this platform. Empire Games is a platform that has multiple real money games that can be played with friends, family or other online players and therefore the challenge was to find games that can be played as real money games.

The second challenge was to create various leaderboards for the game. The game will have a dedicated leaderboard for each game, however we wanted to create a leaderboard for Empire game that will showcase the players accumulated wins and earnings irrespective of the games that they play.

The third challenge was to create a single wallet for all the games on the platform and to provide the users with instant withdrawal feature.



Real Money Games

The first strategy was to create the ultimate real money game that packs various real money games belonging to different genres in it.



The second strategy was to have multiple leaderboards in the game. There will be a separate leaderboard for each game, and also a global leaderboard.


User Friendly UI/UX

The third strategy was to design and create a unique and user-friendly UI/UX for the game to provide the users with ultimate gaming experience.

App Features / Core Functionality

Various Games at one platform

Various Games At One Platform

Empire Games is a one-stop platform for various real money games. When the game is launched, the users will find multiple games belonging to various categories on the platform. They can browse through the games and choose the games based on skills and preference. For easy access, add the games to the favorite list.


Choose Between Battle Or Tournament

There will be multiple battle options for every game that ranges in the boot and the winning prize. The users can enter any battle that they find suitable for them. There are multiple tournaments for the games too. Tournaments allow the users to earn huge prizes in the games of their expertise.

Room Details

Room Details

There are various rooms available in the battle and Tournament that you can choose from. All the rooms will have a detailed view. You will be able to see the joining amount of the room, the winning amount, the time duration of each game, and the number of players playing the game in the room at this moment.



The leaderboard option of the game will showcase the best players of the game. The leaderboard will have their profile photo, name, points, and rank listed. If the players want to showcase their skills in a certain game and showcase their talent to all the other players, they can do so by earning more points. ​

Game History

Game History

Empire Game keeps a detailed record of all the games that you play. You will be able to see the game that you have played, the opponent, the entry amount, win/loss status, and even the date and time of the game. The game history will show you all the battles and tournaments that you have played on this platform.

Various Payment Integrations


Empire Games offer a single wallet for all the games on this platform. You can use the wallet to add cash or to withdraw money. The money will be deposited instantly to your account. The wallet is divided into three parts: winning amount, the bonus cash, and the deposited cash for an easy and simple experience.



The app offers various promo codes to the players to get bonus cash. The promo code can be earned by inviting other players and doing small tasks. Promo codes can be like getting 10% (or more) extra in adding money to the wallet. Various promo codes work as a bonus feature for all the players of Empire Games.

Test & Launch

We did rigorous testing of all the payment integrations and the security of the app to ensure that it is a 100% safe platform for all the users. We tested the centralized wallet of the game. UI/UX of the platform was tested to ensure the user-friendliness of the platform. All the games that are added to the platform are tested to work properly and to deliver the perfect gaming experience.

The battles and tournaments are tested to quickly form tables for new players or to add them in the existing ones. The leaderboard feature was tested to be in sync with all the games across the platform and to showcase the latest and true ranks of the players.

Solution / Result

Multi-game platform: Empire game is a hub of real money games. The games range from hyper casual to casino games that can be played with friends, family, or other online players. The players can use their gaming skills to earn real money.

Various Leaderboards:The platform has various leaderboards to showcase the talent of various players. All the games have their dedicated leaderboard to showcase the best player of that game. There is also a global leaderboard to showcase Empire Game’s best players.

Centralized Wallet:
The wallet is integrated with all the games of the platform and therefore the users can use the single wallet to play all the games. There will be a detailed history of all the deposited money and earned money in the wallet.



Thousands of players are playing multiple games on Empire games and they are earning some serious money. With the instant withdrawal option, you can earn and get your money instantly.

Empire game is a platform that provides all the talented gamers with a chance to turn their gaming passion into a money earning talent. The user-friendliness and all the features of the platform makes Empire Games the perfect real money gaming platform.

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