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Ludo Empire is the mobile version of the loved board game – LUDO! Ludo Empire adds a twistful feature in the ludo game to increase the fun and excitement of the game. With the real money feature, Ludo Empire is a ludo game that can be used to earn real money by playing Ludo.

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Use Your Ludo Skills To Earn Real Money

Gone are the days of playing ludo and winning just to get the title of winner in ludo. With the help of Ludo Empire, the Ludo enthusiasts can now use their ludo skills to not only win against experienced players, but also earn money by using their ludo talent.

The players can add their family and friends as in-game friends to play private games with them, or they can also join various tables and tournaments to play with other online players. However, as Ludo is a game of skills, the users will have to strategize their gameplay and have to make calculative decisions to win the game.



Ludo Empire is a Real Money Ludo Game in which the first challenge was to add multiple game modes. Ludo Empire has multiple Game modes such as Play with Random Online player, Private Table, Tournament and Counter Mode. Not only this, we do have sub modules such as In Online Random player games. We have a single winner and multiple winner Option too.

The second challenge was to maintain all the data and analysis of all the games. This is something that takes a lot of effort to manage. We also have to create an option to showcase all the game history to the users.

As we are also having a real time tournament on this platform, where hundreds and thousands of players play the game together for the particular time period of the tournament, where users win huge amounts of money so keeping that fairplay for the joining and making the table Level management was the third challenge.




Ludo Empire brings the most popular mode of playing any game which is Tournament module, where users will enter with a small amount and they can win huge amounts.


Instant Withdrawal

The second strategy was to have multiple leaderboards in the game. There will be a separate leaderboard for each game, and also a global leaderboard.


Counter Mode

For the users who do not wish to play long games, Ludo Empire offers a counter mode where the user will win the game when they get 2 tokens in the home.

App Features / Core Functionality

multiple games modes
Multiple Game Modes

Multiple Game Modes

There are multiple game modes in Ludo Empire that the players can choose from. “Play with money” mode can be used to play against other online players. “Private Room” to play with friends and family”. “Play with computer” to polish your skills, and the “tournament” mode to compete in tournaments and earn real money.

Attractive UI

Attractive Ui

Developed using the Unity 3D Game Development Engine, Ludo Empire is an attractive 3D game. Ludo Empire gracefully takes the classic board game ludo to a digitized mobile version. The graphics makes the gameplay smoother than the board version of the game. Play in real-time sync with various online players.

Play with Random Online Players

Play With Random Online Players

We have integrated various functionalities in the game that helps in fast matching while searching for random online players to play with. The users can select the boot amount of the game and they will be matched within a few seconds with other random online players who want to play in the same boot value.

Join Room

Join Room

When someone creates a room to play on a private table, you can join their room to play Ludo with them. They just have to share the room code with you, and once you enter the room code in the join room option, you will join their room. You can also select the color of the token that you want to play with.

Create Room

Create Room

If you wish to play private games with customized boot value and variations, you can do so with the create room option. You can select the boot value of the room and the variation from this option. Once the room is created, you can share the room code with your friends and family that they can use to join the room.

Withdraw Money

Withdraw Money

The players can use the withdraw money option to withdraw their hard-earned money from the Ludo Empire wallet. The users use Paytm to get money directly in their Paytm wallet or they can get the transfer directly in their bank account. The Withdraw money feature maintains a detailed record of all the withdrawals.



The transactions feature can be used to get a detailed list of all the transactions that have taken place in Ludo Empire. The users will get details of all the deposits and withdrawals of the game. They will get information about the date and time of the transaction, the debit/credit status, and the success/pending status.

Ludo Empire Achievements

Thousands of players are playing multiple games on Empire games and they are earning some serious money. With the instant withdrawal option, you can earn and get you money instantly. Empire games is a platform that provides all the talented gamers with a chance to turn their gaming passion into a money earning talent. The user-friendliness and all the features of the platform makes Empire Games the perfect real money gaming platform.








Active Users

Test & Launch

The very first test was for the payment integrations and security of the game as the users will be playing for real money in the game and therefore the very first thing that will concern them is the security of the game. We tested the game for the Random Number Generation feature to ensure fair gameplay in the game.

We tested the game for social media integration for one-click sign up and to invite friends and family in the game. The leaderboard feature was tested to ensure that the leaderboard showcases real-time results and ranks all the time.

Solution / Result

Multiple Game Modes: Ludo Empire is a Real Money Ludo game that offers various game modes to the players to keep them entertained. The users can select any of the game modes to quickly start a Ludo game in that mode.

Tournament Feature: TTo showcase their Ludo skills to the players in Ludo Empire and to earn huge prizes, the users can play Ludo in the tournament mode. The player will have to beat various players to win the game and to get huge cash prizes.

Detailed Data Records:
The game creates a record of all the games that the player plays on Ludo Empire. It will also create and save a detailed record of all the transactions that the users do. The users can refer to these records whenever they want to.


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