IndicAI Sign App

Specialized app for hearing-impaired users.

Type what you want to say, and the app will translate it into sign language. IndicAI is the best and the must have app for hearing-impaired users and their known ones.

IndicAI Sign App - Designed Specially for Hearing-impaired Users

Signs & Gestures for 1500+ Words

Deisgned and developed specially for a great cause, IndicAI is a free app that translates the 1000+ thousand words into sign language animation. The person can just type in what they have to say, and the app will translate into an amazing sign language animation. This way the friends, relatives, and other people who want to talk to hearing-impaired preson, and they do not know the sign language, they can easily communicate and connect.


The major challenge of this project was to create animations of various words. Our team has created animation for 1000+ words, however, the challenge was to create the animation for all teh words.

For that, we came up with a brilliant idea. If a user types a word that is not in the app’s dictionary, the app will translate the words alphabet-to-alphabet and thus, the hearing-impaired person will be able to understand anything that they type.

Strategy & Planning



Sign Language is not a common language. Without it, it is hard to communicate with hearing-impaired people. These animations will translate all your words in sign language.



There are two characters that the users can choose from according to their preference. The male character is called “Bunty” and the female character is called “Bubly”.


Elaborated Dictionary

In the IndicAI app’s dictionary, there are more than 1000 animations saved and more will be added in the coming updates. The app can also dictate word to word by sign language.


A Must-have Tool

IndicAI is a must have tool to communicate with hearing-impaired people by using the sign language. The app offers 1000+ word animations so that the users can easily talk with the hearing-impaired person.These animations are based on the sign language and so the hearing-impaired person can easily understand them.

The app facilitates the communication between hearing-impaired person and people with no knowledge of sign language.


List of Categories

IndicAI packs a curated list of common sentences that are categorized from easy use. The users can go to the category and select the sentence, and the app will show an animation of the sentence.

This makes it easier for the users, as now they do not have to type the sentence, just select it and the app will show the animation. These categories have various sentences that will make the communication easy and fast.




There are two characters that the users can choose from according to their preference. The male character is called “Bunty” and the female character is called “Bubly”. These characters will perfectly use the sign language to let the other person know what you want to say.

The app also offers four different backgrounds that you can select as per your choice. This customization makes the app more exciting and entertaining.


Profile Management

Making a profile on IndicAI and using the app is very easy. The users just have to add their name, email address, contact number, and profile picture to complete their profile, and now they can flawlessly use the app.

The app will also create a history of all the words that you type, so once you use a certain word, you can find the same in the history for future use. The users can also edit their profile using the edit option.

Test & Launch

To ensure that we launch the perfect app on the app stores, the apps and games developed by us go through a series of tests. The app has been tested to trigger and show the right animation for the right word. The app has also been tested to animate the word letter by letter if the word is not present in the dictionary.

The app is tested for no lags or errors. The app works flawlessly and is one of the best apps to communicate with hearing-impaired people. We have also tested the UI/UX of the app to provide a smooth and user-friendly experience.

Just try & test yourself

Solution / Result

The app is working wonders and is working as a strong tool of communication for hearing-impaired people. The app has thousands of downloads and is making a great difference in the society. IndicAI is one of a kind Indian Sign language app and is also making people aware of the Indian sign language.

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