MPTV is a revolutionary pan African multi-platform television mobile and web application that allows users to watch video content on the go. Savior authentic homegrown African stories that seek to inspire pride and celebrate the African gene spectacularly presented in an organic fashion that resonates with bantu audiences. For a minimal monthly fee, users can watch what they want, when they want thus making TV convenient.

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About MPTV App

MPTV is the streaming service app for Tanzania. If you want to watch latest movies, series, short-films, lifestyle entertainment on-demand, in Swahili language, this is the perfect app for you. MPTV adds free Swahili short-films, series, and movies every week and therefore there is always something new for the user.

The library is filled with epic classics and trending movies and series to keep the users entertained all the time. One can find and binge watch new series and movies through the sorted and personalized app experience.

The app has 100,000+ downloads and the numbers are growing at an effective rate. With features like the dark mode, easy to browse and search with multiple categories, Regular updates, downloads and offline mode, lowest subscription plans, Top trending series and movies column, and resume path, the app has become a top African streaming app.



While developing an application of video streaming the biggest issue we were facing was the large size video upload in server without session timeout. And after uploading the video, while rendering it should render properly without too much buffer was also a hard one to deal with.

Our Client wanted the functionality of video play with resume path, that is where the user lastly pause the video while watching and when the user again starts the same video it should start with where it was paused lastly.

Another issue was to allow users to watch the videos, movies, series on the large screen as well.

Strategy & Planning


Video Streaming

The first strategy for the app was to develop a video streaming app that can be used to stream series and movies in various qualities. The app should have a large size of content.


UI/UX Strategy

The second strategy was to design UI/ UX that delivers the best experience to the users and one that makes it easy for the users to browse and search series and movies according to their mood.


Unique Business Model

The last strategy was to develop such a unique business model that can be profitable for the MPTV team, but at the same time, it should be affordable for the users to buy the subscription of the app.

App Features / App Core Functionality

Easy to browse_search from multiple categories

Easy to browse/search from multiple categories

Watch what you like and as per your mood. With multiple categories, you can search for a new movie or series to binge watch very easily. Scroll to the category that you like and you will find multiple shows and movies of that genre. The app offers genres like Action, Drama, Comedy, Reality, Kids, Anime, Crime, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Thriller, Horror, and many more. You can also use the search option to directly search the movie, show, genre, and tags.


Affordable multiple
Subscription plans

There are various subscription plans that you can choose from. The various plans include all the shows and movies. The lowest subscription plan starts from $2.99. The various plans allow you to stream MPTV across various devices. You can stream on your smartphone, on your Television, and even on your laptop and PC. You can create multiple profiles for your friends and family and therefore everyone can use their own profile to personalize their watchlist. The number of profiles depends on the subscription that you choose.

Affordable multiple Subscription plans
Trending videos with Resume Path

Trending videos with Resume Path

Your app experience will be personalized based on what you watch and add in your watchlist. The app will learn your taste and will show you movies and series of similar taste. The app is designed to enable you to watch whenever and wherever, and therefore we have added the resume path feature in the app. You can pause and leave the app anytime that you want, and the next time that you use the app, your video will continue from the exact point you stopped watching.


Multiple languages including English & Swahili

Content in the app is available in various languages including English and Swahili. The local movies and series are available in Swahili and various international hits are also dubbed in Swahili to provide a better experience to our users. There are various languages in videos available that you can choose from. There are various movies and series which are available in english with Swahili Captions. You can also choose from the various caption languages that are available.

Multiple languages including English & Swahili
Download off-line and watch it anytime

Download off-line and watch it anytime

You can download all the videos available on the platform and then you can watch them even without the internet. This allows you to download the videos that you wish to watch at times when you do not access to the internet. You can use the wifi and your mobile network to download the videos on your device. However, the downloaded videos can be watched only on the device that was used to download the video.


Multiple Payment Options

The app will be used by people all around the world and therefore to facilitate their user experience and to avoid any inconvenience to the users, we have added multiple payment options in the game. The users can pay using their Debit Card, Credit Card, or Directly from the bank account. We have also added various online wallets like Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePay, etc. to make the payment as easy and convenient as possible.

Multiple Payment Options
Dark mode

Dark mode

To deliver a premium user experience, we have also added dark mode in the MPTV app. The dark mode makes it easy and relaxing to the eyes at night. Dark mode has become a much demanded feature for modern apps. The dark mode will be in automatic sync to your phone and therefore if your phone is in dark mode, the app will automatically switch to dark mode. Moreover, you also have a manual button to access the dark mode.

Test & Launch

To ensure that we launch the perfect app on the app stores, the apps and games developed by us go through a series of tests.The app has been tested to work even at low internet speed. The app will automatically change the video quality to low if the internet is slow, and will change the quality to HD in high speed internet.

We have tested the security of the subscription and payment model of the app. We have tested the Ui/UX performance in light and dark mode. Language setting, captions, offline mode, etc, everything was thoroughly tested and after the testing phase, the perfect app was released for the users.

Solution / Result

Low bandwidth Video Solution : MPTV app can work even at low bandwidth speeds. It is not necessary that everyone has wifi or access to high-speed internet. To allow our users to watch videos on MPTV at any speed, we have made our app compatible to low bandwidth speeds.

Providing wide range of local content: International series and movies are cool, but nothing can beat classic local movies and series. And therefore, MPTV daily updates their local content and adds new movies and series in Swahili that are produced locally.



The app has become a highly successful app in Tanzania and is one of the best Swahili video streaming apps. The app has thousands of hours of content that consists of local and international series and movies. The app has thousands of downloads outside Tanzania. Overall the app has got 100,000 plus downloads.

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