Everyone is winning real money on My Dream Team 11

If you are a cricket fan and you think you can create the best team that can perform the best, this is the right platform for you to showcase your skills and to earn real money in return. MyDream Team 11 enables you to feel the rush and the thrill of Fantasy Cricket on your mobile phones.

My Dream Team 11 allows the users to deposit and withdraw money in an instance. The platform also allows unlimited number of withdrawals so that you can anytime get your hands on your hard earned money.


As My Dream Team 11 is a Fantasy game and will use real money, we wanted to make sure that the game is totally secure and that there are no flaws in the security. The game is SSL secured and the gameplay is continuously monitored to ensure that there are no hackers or cheaters in the game.

The second challenge was to sync the gameplay in real-time. The gameplay should act in real-time to provide the perfect gaming experience. The live scores of all the players will be shown.

The third challenge was to create a game history feature that can be used to maintain all data and history of all the games that the user had played. It will showcase the entry amount, win/loss status, and even the date and time of the game.



Unique UI/UX

To make our My Dream Team 11 game unique, we designed the game in a unique way that will provide the users with the ultimate Fantasy gaming experience.


Instant Withdrawal

Many real money games offer instant deposit but when it comes to withdrawal, it is a lengthy process, and therefore we offer our users with instant withdrawal.


Performance History

To make the team forming process easy, My Dream Team 11 offers performance history of all the players so that you can choose the right layers for your team.

App Features

Cricket empire multiple matches

Multiple Matches Everyday

From IPL to international matches to Test series, there is a cricket match going on everyday. Turn everyday into a money earning opportunity with My Dream Team 11 Game. You will get the listing of cricket matches daily. There will be multiple rooms for the game bifurcated by different bet amounts.


Various Bets

In every match, there are various bets that you can choose from as per your convenience. To allow the players to decide what is the right bet amount for them, we provide them with multiple bet-in amounts for different bets of the same match. Choose the bet amount that you think is right for you, and earn great prizes.

winning breakup
contest detail

Winning Breakup

The match will not have just one winner. The winning amount will be distributed among the top 100 performers of the match, and therefore you have a huge scope at winning something from all the matches. The winning breakup will show and distribute the winning amount between the 1-100 ranked players.


Create your team

Create a team of 11 players. Choose the players wisely as your score is dependent on the real performance of the player in the match. The points that you will earn in the game will be based on the real performance of your selected players in the game, and therefore make sure that you use your predictive and cricket skills to create the ultimate team.

create team
attractive gameplay

Attractive Gameplay

My Dream Team 11 offers the best Fantasy Cricket gaming experience. The app provides an effective and attractive UI and UX to provide the perfect gameplay. The game also offers live score integration, and therefore you will have access to the real-time performance of your team throughout the game.


Choose the Captain and Vice Captain

Once you have selected all the players of your team, and you have the final team that you wish to play with, select the captain and the vice-captain. The captain carries 2x points, and the vice-captain will get 1.5x points for the score. Therefore choose the best players for these positions.

choose captain
My Profile

My Profile

The “My Profile” section provides you access to various important features of the My Dream Team 11 App. It allows you access to your wallet, you can deposit or withdraw money from here. You can also update your KYC documents, see the transaction history, check your ranking, change your password, and logout.

Test and Launch

As this is a Fantasy game and it uses real money, the first thing that we tested was the security of the game, as when money factor is involved in anything, it becomes a sensitive matter and therefore we want to provide 100% security via our game. We have added SSL security to ensure the safety. The second thing that we tested was the user-experience of the game. We want people to return to our game every now and then, and to make this happen, we have to provide the best user-experience to the users. We checked the payment integration of the game to facilitate flawless deposits and withdrawals.

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Earn Real Money

If you think you can form the best team and your team players can perform the best in the live game, you can use this platform to earn some serious cash.

Fastest withdrawal system

You can process your withdrawal at any time and by using any method (Bank Transfer, Paytm, Google pay, PhonePay,etc.). You will receive the payment within 12-15 hours.

Safe and Secure

The app has the state of art security systems installed and therefore you can enjoy safe and secure gameplay. We also have anti-fraud systems installed.


My Dream Team 11 is a Fantasy Cricket game that is developed for cricket fans. Join My Dream Team 11 now and turn your cricket knowledge and expertise into a source of income. The app has thousands of daily users, and is performing exceptionally well when major leagues of cricket commence.

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