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Of all regions, sub-Saharan Africa has the highest rates of education exclusion. This app is the developers step to turn around these rates. SKU is an E-learning platform for Tanzania and other sub-Saharan African countries to facilitate the students and teachers with remote learning and teaching respectively.

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Localized Syllabus Based Educational Plateform

SKU is an educational app that the students can use to fill their gaps in various concepts to improve their understanding and then they can further accelerate their learning. They just need to download the app, and their personal tutor will be just a click away.

The app offers localized syllabus that is created by experts. SKU app library includes practices and lessons for various subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, and CTS. SKU app enables teachers to create and upload educational content for the students and to earn from each interaction. The app also allows them to interact with the students and to review their work.



The very first challenge that we faced was to enable the app to play high quality videos in low speed bandwidths. In Tanzania and other sub-Saharan countries, there is very low internet connectivity, and to provide the best experience, we have to enable the users to see high-quality videos at low internet speed.

The second challenge was implementing FlutterWave Payment Gateway specially for MTN Mobile money. In which, we were unable to manage the response of MTN Mobile money due to no proper documentation provided by payment gateway.

The third challenge was to allow multiple children profiles in the same ID. The parents can use different profiles for their children and they can use them to track their studies and growth from a single account.



Easy Learning

With content created by experts and localized syllabus, SKU provides an easy way of learning and understanding various concepts for the students.


Manage Multiple Accounts

Parents can create more than one account for their children and therefore they can keep an eye on what their children are learning and on their scores.


Offline Videos

SKU app enables the users to download the videos so that they can visit and view the video whenever they want and even without the internet.

App Features / Core Functionality

Explore through Educational Content

Explore Through Educational Content

Sign up using your email and enter your standard and location to get the access to localized syllabus based on your location. You can now browse through various subjects and their lessons and videos to select what you wish to learn. As you opt for a lesson, the classes will be added to your personal schedule.
Live Class Schedule

Live Class Schedule

You can choose between various subjects and lessons to learn from. Once you select a subject or a lesson, you will get access to live classes of the same. You can also message the teacher in live class if you have any doubts. The students will be provided with homework based on the private classes that they attend.
Select Lectures

Select Lectures

The app is centered to provide easy education and to solve all the doubts that the students have. If a student has some doubt in any concept that belongs to their standard, they can select lectures of the concept to get a clear understanding of the same. Multiple lessons for various concepts are available in the app for the students.



Mere learning and no application do not help in grasping the concept and therefore we have added various quizzes in the app that will help the students test their knowledge. After the lessons, the students can test their knowledge using various skills that have different levels belonging to the lessons that they have watched or attended.

Study Record Report

Study Record Report

The SKU app stores a detailed record of your activities on the app. This includes the average weekly hours that the users has spent on the app, total courses learned, total exams given, total quiz tests applied, and for the teacher – the total videos uploaded. This can be reviewed by the parents to get an idea of the activities of their children.


To get access to the content of the SKU app, the users can opt for any membership program based on their needs and budget. The users can opt for 1 month membership, 6 month membership, or for the annual membership. There are various payment integrations in the app that allow you to pay through your preferred payment option.
chat feature
Chat Feature

Chat Feature

While learning, the students may have various doubts and therefore we have added a chat feature that allows the viewers of the video or lesson to chat with the uploader of the video. The students can ask all their doubts in the chat and the teacher can view and solve the doubt. The teachers can also use the chat feature to appreciate the students.

Test & Launch

We tested the app’s ability to work in low speed internet as we want to provide a seamless experience to the students and no interruptions or buffering while they are studying. We tested the location detector of the app to enable the app to locate the right location of the students and to showcase localized syllabus and content to them.

As the app will be used by many students, we tested the user friendliness of the app to support easy browsing and exploring in the app. We also tested various payment gateways that we have integrated in the app for a seamless and secure payment.

Solution / Result

High Quality Videos: The app allows the users to play high quality videos in low speed internets. The app is targeted to work seamlessly in Tanzania and other sub-Saharan African countries and therefore the app is developed to work at full capacity even at low speeds.

Learn anywhere and anytime :The app will access your location to show localized syllabus to you. This way, you will get content related to your syllabus in your mobile device and therefore you will be able to learn and practice various lessons from anywhere.

Offline Mode:
The app comes with an offline mode that enables the users to download lessons and videos to review them even without the internet. This way, the users can download videos over wifi or mobile data and they can see it anytime they want.



Thousands of students use SKU for an easy learning experience. With so many hours of knowledgeable content and quizzes, the students can seamlessly learn and understand all the concepts and master the subjects. Various teachers use this platform to upload videos of various lessons and in-turn earn from them. The live classes allow the students to learn from anywhere.

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