HungryKart is a one-stop solution for your on-demand service needs like ordering food from local restaurants, buying groceries, poultry products and medicines, and sending packages, from the comfort of your home.

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Single solution for various on-demand needs

Why go out when you can place the order online using the HungryKart app, and get it delivered under 45 minutes at your doorsteps?

Stop using multiple apps for multiple on-demand services. You can use HungryKart instead, an on-demand app that delivers food, groceries, poultry products, and medicines, in a single app. You can even use HungryKart to deliver packages.

HungryKart is a 24*7 delivery app with no minimum order restriction. Browse through various categories and buy from local restaurants and shops. With live tracking feature, you will always know the location of the driver. Have a hassle-free payment experience with payment integrations like Paytm, GooglePay, and enjoy various cashbacks. You can opt for cash on delivery too.



All the items and products on HungryKart are local products and therefore the first challenge was to have the user’s exact location to showcase items that are available in their area. The service wants to deliver every order in under 45 minutes and therefore the app has to show items and products that are available under a certain distance from the user.

The second challenge was to create unique algorithms for the search option that can search the items based on various keywords that are entered.

The last challenge was to sync the user app, the merchant/restaurant app, and the delivery app to ensure that the order is received to the restaurant, the mechant, and to the delivery person, as soon as the order is placed.



User Friendly UI/UX

Our first strategy was to develop an attractive and user-friendly UI/UX that enables the user to find their desired items and order them effortlessly.


Schedule Delivery Management

The second strategy was to create the perfect delivery channel between the user, vendor, and delivery app to ensure timely delivery of the order.


Location -Based Menu

The third strategy was to create an accurate location integration so that only the local items are showcased to the users.

App Features / Core Functionality

categorized menu
Categorized Menu

Categorized Menu

The app is a hub of various items and therefore to make the shopping experience easy for the user, the main menu of the app is divided into various categories like Restaurants, Groceries, Medicines, Gifts, and so on to make the browsing and shopping experience of the users as easy and simple as possible.

Order from Local shops and Restaurants

Order From Local Shops And Restaurants

The app provides two search options for the users. The user can either search with the name of the local shop or restaurant to see their listings or menu. The user can then browse and order through it. Or they can simply search by the name of the item that they wish to buy, and the app will show all the matching results.

Various Local restaurants

Various Local Restaurents

Various local restaurants are listed on the app that you can choose from to order your favourite food. The Restaurant detail view will come with an estimated cost of two people, the estimated delivery time, the restaurant cuisine type, and the recommended items of the restaurant along with mouth watering photos.

Restaurant Menus

Restaurants Menus

The menus of the restaurants are finely curated for easy browsing and ordering. You can either view the full menu of the restaurant, or you can use the categories to skip to the desired category. The menu starts with the recommendations, then appetizer, soup, salad, main course, desert, and so on.

Get the benefit of special offers

Get The Benefit Of Special Offers

Using the HungryKart app for food ordering comes with various surprises, one of which is special offers. The offers have a separate column in our app, You can click on the offers tab to see all the restaurants and their offers. The offer code will be directly applied to your basket, and therefore you can seamlessly enjoy various exciting offers.

My Wallet

My Wallet

Now there’s no need to use the debit card, credit card, or various payment integrations again and again. You can add money to your HungryKart wallet, and then you can use that money while placing any order. The wallet will showcase the full history of all the orders and the money that you add. The “My Wallet” option makes the payment a task of just a few seconds.

track your order
Track your order

Track Your Order

You can start tracking your order as soon as you place the order. You will receive notifications for each and every update. You will receive the Estimated Delivery Time, the location of the driver, update about the preparation of the order and when the order is ready. You will also get the details and contact details of the driver too.

Test & Launch

The first test was for the GPS Location accuracy to ensure that only deliverable items are shown to the user. The payment integrations were also tested to ensure that the privacy of the payment method is maintained.

The categories of the app were tested to showcase only the items that belong under the category. The connection between the user, merchant/restaurant, and the delivery apps were tested to provide timely delivery of the order.

Solution / Result

User and Delivery app integration: As soon as the user places the order, all the details of the order are sent to the respective vendor/restaurant and to the delivery person. A smooth integration is ensured between all the apps so that order can be delivered as soon as possible.

Easy search and browse:All the items available on the app are categorized to ensure that all the users can seamlessly browse through various items of the apps. The search feature has been enabled with unique algorithms to recognize various keywords.

Items based on location:
Thanks to various algorithms for location detection, the app will show the user items based on their location. The app will show the items to a certain location only, so that the items can be delivered within 45 minutes as per the policy of HungryKart.



The app has successfully completed 1 Lakh+ deliveries. The app provides a user-friendly experience with features like Quality Assurance and Hassle-Free support. The app provides various benefits like discounts, daily offers, and vouchers that make the shopping experience profitable for the users.

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