HungryJi is a food ordering and delivery app that uses the user’s location to show restaurants and fast food chains near them. The app enables users to order from their favourite restaurants from the comfort of their homes.

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Order Your Favourite Food From The Comfort Of Your Home

Why go through the trouble of getting up and driving to the restaurant when you can just use your mobile to place orders from nearby restaurants and get the food delivered warm and delicious at your doorsteps?

If you are hungry, then just download the HungryJi app and place orders of delicious dishes from the comfort of your home. You will get the order delivered as soon as possible. As you place the order, the HungryJi app will notify the restaurant and the driver about the same and based on the distance between you, the restaurant and the driver; the app will show you an estimated delivery time. HungryJi’s express delivery system will deliver your order at the fastest time possible.



The first challenge was to have the user’s accurate location so that the app could show them nearby restaurants. We have to ensure timely delivery, and therefore only nearby restaurants are displayed to the user. This was possible with an effective and advanced Google API integration.

The second challenge was to create an advanced search algorithm so that the users can use various keywords to search their desired dish or place.

The last challenge was to manage the food preparing and delivery operations for the app. The app should send immediate notifications as the order is placed so that the restaurant can start preparing the meal and at the same time, the driver can reach there to pick up the order.

Hungryji Experiences Strategy


Exceptional Wireframe

The first strategy was to design an exception wireframe for the app that provides the best in-app experience for a food ordering app.


Food Delivery Management

Our second strategy was to manage the real-time integration between the user app, the restaurant app, and the driver app.


Smooth User Experience

The third strategy was to design a unique and amazing user-experience that helps them find their favourite dishes and order them.

App Features / Core Functionality

Geolocation API Integration

Geolocation Api Integration

As soon as you open the app, the app will locate your exact location to showcase nearby restaurants and fast-food chains to you. The Geolocation API lets the app pinpoint your current location. The app will showcase various dishes and fast food items that you can choose from to order at your doorsteps.

Search your favourite restaurant or dish

Search Your Favourite Restaurent Or Dish

You can use the search option to search for your favourite restaurant and fast-food chain to open the menu of the same. You can also search for a specific dish, and the app will showcase all the restaurants or fast-food chains that serve the foraged dish. Using the search option you can find your favourite dish without browsing.

Browse through various restaurants

Browse Through Various Restaurents

When you click on a restaurant, you open the detailed view of that restaurant. The detailed view will come with the restaurant’s rating, minimum order value, location of the restaurant, open hours, and the estimated time for the delivery. There will be a detailed description of the restaurant to help you decide what you should order.

Order food from the menu

Order Food From The Menu

The detailed view of the restaurant comes with the menu of the same. You can add the food in your cart from the menu. The menu will have all the deliverable items of the restaurant with their rates. You can add the quantity of the items from the menu itself. As you add the items in the cart, the menu will show you the cart value in the bottom.

Enter and save your address

Enter And Save Your Address

Entering and saving your address is a matter of less than a minute. You can let the app fill the information for you, or you can add it manually too. You can also add a landmark location and additional instructions to the address. Save it for later use. You can also add different addresses and save them from ordering for your family and friends.

Various Payment Integrations

Various Payment Integrations

There are various payment integrations in the app that you can choose from for hassle-free payment. You can choose between UPI, Net Banking, Wallet, Cards, and cash on delivery. You can save the same for future use too. You can even change the delivery time as per your convenience.

Track Your Order

Track Your Order

As you place the order, the restaurant and the driver will receive the order. You will get each and every update of the food. From the preparation of the food to the location of your driver, you can see everything with the tracking feature. The feature will also show you the estimated and the remaining time.

Test & Launch

The first thing that we tested was the integration with Google Maps API to ensure that the app locates the user’s most accurate location and the driver. Then we tested various payment integrations that we added to the app and the security of the app. We tested the interface’s working to ensure that the user can seamlessly browse, select, and place the order of the food. We tested the cart and the checkout process.

We tested the order tracking feature of the app that provides notifications of each and every update of the delivery. Lastly, we tested the user-friendliness of the UI/UX of the app.

Solution / Result

Get your favourite food delivered at your Doorstep: By developing various algorithms, the app was enabled to detect the user’s exact location and show them nearby restaurants. If the user enters a different address, the app will filter the restaurants and fast-food chains based on that location.

Easy search and browse: The search feature of the app has thousands of keywords, and therefore when the user enters a keyword, the search option will showcase the right food items or restaurants to the user. The restaurant listing and menus make the browsing process easy.

User, Restaurant, and Delivery App Integration: To ensure timely delivery and track the delivery, the user, restaurant, and delivery app must be integrated. As soon as the order is placed, the restaurant will start preparing the food, and the driver will drive to the restaurant to pick-up the order.



Thousands of users use HungryJi to get their favourite food items from their favourite restaurants delivered at their doorsteps. The live tracking features enable the user to get each and every update of the delivery. The UI/UX of the app contributes towards a hassle-free and user-friendly experience. Daily offers and coupons work as an added bonus for the users.

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