Top 17 Trending & Popular Mobile Apps in Canada 2020

Mobile applications have been the center of innovation for quite some time now. Thanks to the upcoming technologies and ever-growing business demands, mobile applications are used by almost all the businesses and that too for almost everything.

However, new apps are released on the app stores every day and therefore it can be hard to choose from those million applications.

Therefore, we have narrowed down a list of Top 17 most popular mobile applications that are used in Canada. These apps have different use-cases and advantages and will be useful for you at some point or another.

Stop scrolling the endless list of apps in the app stores and have a look at this list to find the apps that can make your life easy and can keep you entertained for hours.

Top 17 most popular mobile apps in Canada in 2020

Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings Logo

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service that can be used to virtually meet with others. It can be used for voice chat, for video chat, or for both, while conducting a live room. You can also record the meeting for future references.

As the pandemic hit, Zoom reached the peak and claimed 300 million daily zoom meeting participants.

The app can be used for one-on-one video calls, to host a video conferencing (ranging from up to 100 participants for 40 minutes for free, or one can purchase the “large meeting” add-on to host a meeting for up to 500 participants), and it can also be used for screen sharing.

Zoom meeting App: Google Play, App Store

TikTok – Trends start here

TikTok Logo

TikTok is a short video uploading and sharing app developed by Beijing-based firm Byte Dance. One can do lip-sync of dialogues or songs, and they can also dance in these short videos.

TikTok challenges are used to promote songs, movies, products, and so on. A user spends 52 minutes a day on average on Tik Tok, scrolling through all the entertaining videos. About 90% of the users use this platform daily.

Many people have gained thousands of followers on TikTok and they have started earning from that. In short, it is a really fun way of spending time or one can also use their talent to earn from this app.

TikTok App: Google Play, App Store

Cash App

Cash App Logo

Cash app is a mobile payment service developed by Square Inc. It is used to transfer money to one another using the mobile app.

The users can also get a Visa Debit card of the cash app that they can use to make payments at various places or they can even use the card at an ATM to get cash. You just have to link your bank account to your Cash App Wallet.

A user can either use the phone number or the email address to send money to others, or they can use the unique username of the person that is known as $cashtage to transfer the money.

Cash App: Google Play, App Store

Discord – Talk, Video Chat, and Hangout with Friends

Discord Logo

Discord is an American instant messaging and VoIP application. It is a digital distribution platform designed for creating communities ranging from gamers to education and businesses, and so on.

Discord is a group chatting platform that was originally developed for gamers, but it has now become a one-for-all platform that is used by various communities. Discord is divided into servers. Each server has its own members, topics, rules, and channels.

In short, it is an app that allows you to create a server that can be used by you and the members to text, voice, or video chat. You can join the community or topic server that you like to get into the discussion. You can also share videos, music, images, and more. There are thousands of Discord servers available and therefore you can join as many servers as you like.

Discord App: Google Play, App Store

DoorDash – Food Delivery

DoorDash Logo

DoorDash is an American on-demand Food Delivery service startup that works as an intermediary between the local restaurants and the local consumers. One can use the app to order food online and to get it delivered at their doorsteps. The app can also be used to register yourself as food deliverers. And of course, the restaurants can use this app to get listed.

According to a November 2019 report from the consumer analytics firm Second Measure, it’s the most popular app-based food delivery service in the U.S., ahead of Uber Eats and GrubHub.

The app also provides services like Dashpass( That can be used for free food delivery above a certain amount and to get special deals) and DashMart (used to order ingredients of the food).

DoorDash App: Google Play, App Store


Disney+ Logo

Disney+ is an American subscription on-demand video streaming service that has content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Starwars, National Geography, and many others. It is owned and operated by DTCI, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. Disney+ focuses on family entertainment content.

One can use the app to have access to hours and hours of entertainment. You will get cartoons, movies, series, limited-series, on the Disney+ App. You can even download the videos for offline viewing. The app can also be synced to your television to view the videos on a bigger screen.

Disney+ App: Google Play, App Store


Netflix Logo

Netflix is the heart of Entertainment!

Netflix is a subscription-based on-demand video streaming service that allows you to watch movies, series, TV Serials, Amine, and many more on your mobile device. There are no commercials and you can watch the content present on Netflix anytime. You can also download the videos to view them offline.

Netflix is the hub of creating original content and therefore you will get various series and movies every day. You can sync the Netflix app to your TV to view the videos on a bigger screen. There is so much content on Netflix that one person cannot see it all in their lifetime. It is a one-stop for your video entertainment.

Netflix App: Google Play, App Store

Tubi Free Movies

Tubi Free Movies Logo

Tubi Free Movies is a video streaming app. The service has more than 20,000 movies and TV shows available. Currently, Tubi has 33 million active users.

Tubi Free Movies as the name suggests is a free video streaming app. However, to support itself, Tubi shows the advertisements to users. The advertisements are not as frequent as shown on cable TV, yet, to see a series or movie you have to see various advertisements too.

The app will recommend videos based on the ones that you view. You can also create a list of all the videos that you wish to watch and you can also add the upcoming videos to the list.

Tubi Free Movies App: Google Play, App Store

HBO Max – Stream HBO, TV, Movies, and more

HBO Max Logo

HBO Max is an American subscription video-on-demand streaming service from AT&T’s WarnerMedia.

The streaming service allows you to watch all your favorite HBO shows including The Game of Thrones and Chernobyl, whenever you want on your phone. There are various scripted and unscripted series, competition shows, documentaries, animation for kids and adults, and much more. It is a complete package for all the age groups by none other than HBO.

The app contained 10,000 hours of content on the day it was launched and it has added many new additions every week.

HBO Max App: Google Play, App Store

Twitch – Multiplayer games and Esports

Twitch Logo

Twitch is a video streaming platform that is used by streamers to stream their favorite games which commenting on the same. The gamer will show themselves using the webcam and they will share the screen of them playing live.

The users can use this platform to either stream themselves playing the game, or they can use this platform to see other players playing. The most fun part is the commentary of the players.

Twitch has grown to be the largest live streaming platform of its kind, and more than 15 million log-in every day to watch their favorite streamers stream their games.

Twitch App: Google Play, App Store

Google One

Google One Logo

Google one is a paid service by Google that lets you increase the storage limit beyond the free 15 GB that Google Drive offers.

One can use Google One to increase storage capacity. You can manage your storage plans including Google Drive, Gmail, original quality photos saved in Google Photos. You can also use this to save a backup of your device. The plan that you select is shared among users and therefore with one plan, you can increase the storage capacity of 5 users.

Another perk is that Google One gives you access to Google Experts, who can help you with anything related to Google products and services.

Google One App: Google Play

Tinder – Match. Chat. Date. Your Way

Tinder Logo

Tinder is a dating app that can be used to find your partner. The app is really simple to use.

You have to sign in and add some photos and info of yours. Once you are done, you get to see all the people who are on Tinder according to your preference. If you like someone, swipe right, and if you do not like someone, swipe left.

You cannot talk to anyone unless they like you back. If you both like each other, it will be shown as a match and now you can talk to the person. Tinder boasts 50 million daily users and therefore there are plenty of people and chances for you to find your partner.

Tinder App: Google Play, App Store

Above all 12 mobile apps are currently in trending in Canada as of 2020. We have tried and tested every app and after we have created the list of top trending mobile apps in Canada.

Top 5 all-time popular apps

Here are some ever-green apps that are not listed above as these apps need no introduction. However, if you still don’t have the below-mentioned apps, you should download them now.


Instagram Logo

Instagram is a social media app which mainly uses to upload and share photos/videos.

Once you upload a photo in your profile, it will be visible to all the users that follow you. They can now like and comment on your photo. Likewise, if you follow someone, you will be able to see all their photos and videos.

Instagram also has Reels, which are small videos like TikTok. You can also DM (Direct Message) to users to chat with them. You can also share posts, videos, memes, reels, etc. With 1 Billion+ users, the app has so much to offer, that you will never be bored.


Whatsapp Logo

Whatsapp is an instant messaging app that can be used to chat, voice calls, or video calls with other Whatsapp users.

You can use this app to send photos, videos, documents, locations, contacts, and many more attachments. The app is great for instant messaging and as the app has 2 billion + users, you will find many of your contacts on Whatsapp.

It also allows users to upload Status. Status is a photo or video that you can upload on Whatsapp for 24 hours and this can be seen by all the people who have your number.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Logo

Messenger is an instant messaging app by Facebook that can be used to send messages to all your Facebook friends, or to your contacts that use Facebook Messenger.

One can use this to chat, for voice calls, video calls, to send emojis, files, photos, videos, and many other media forms. There are various themes available to customize your chat screen. As there are 2 billion + Facebook users, this app is quite handy to talk with them.


Facebook Logo

Facebook is the biggest social media app worldwide. It boasts 2.7 billion monthly active users.

Facebook is a photo and video uploading and sharing app. Facebook also has stories in which one can upload a photo or video for 24 hours. The app also supports going live. Facebook has a marketplace that uses to sell and buy various products and services.

Snapchat Inc.

Snapchat Logo

Snapchat is a messaging app that added a twist to messages. Rather than sending simple messages, Snapchat used Snaps. A snap is a picture that you take and then you type the message in that picture.

Snapchat also uses to upload and share stories. Anything that you upload on Snapchat will delete after 24 hours. The messages are deleted once they are seen or after 24 hours. If one wishes to save the messages, they have to save one-by-one all the messages.

Snapchat offers amazing filters to make your photos more amazing.

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The apps mentioned above are the most popular mobile apps as in some way or another in canada, they are really helpful to the users. Some apps use for entertainment, some for basic needs like food, and some for social networking. Apps have become an inseparable part of our daily lives and they have become a very useful force in facilitating our lives.

If you think we missed an app that deserved to be on this list, do let us know in the comment section!

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