Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality. What is better and why?

If we were to give an example, using virtual reality, you can fly with the birds, but with virtual reality you can get a bird fly out of your document and sit on reader’s reading platform. Virtual Reality in itself is a very immersive experience where as augmented reality lets you stay away from the experience and have a 3rd person view of whatever you are watching. Let’s just say Virtual Reality is more 1st person Augmented reality is more 3rd person kind of activity.

Both have their own pros and cons and here’s when you should be using them

  1. When you are trying to sell people a game use Virtual Reality – As discussed Virtual reality immerses the person into it completely, so the moment when you are trying to build a game, or an app which via game tries to do some basic market research you should definitely be using Virtual Reality.
  2. When you are trying to sell people an experience of tourism in a different geographic location – Virtual reality is the most appropriate option when you are trying to sell your audience on the kind of experience they would have when they would be visiting a completely different geographic location. Something similar to New Zealand tourism advertisement should be shown to people in virtual reality for them to feel the difference, making them feel completely immersed in the experience and giving them reasons to visit New Zealand.
  3. When you are trying to sell someone the experience of staying in a specific house/apartment – House or an apartment are a very personal spaces, and a person really needs to feel home if you really wish them to buy your home. A Combination of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can work the best for that kind of a situation. Virtual Reality would let people feel each and every nook and corner of the house. The ceiling, the tiles on the floor, and the kind of false ceiling they wish to have, the kind of color on walls they wish to get. Whereas augmented reality let’s your audience arrange their own furniture, lightings, fans in such a manner that they love the house they stay in. Hence at such situations a combination of Virtual reality and augmented reality can create wonders.
  4. Real world Games like Pokémon Go – Pokémon Go was a game where participants of the game were told to go on the streets and find as many Pokémon’s as they can. These games would work the best when these Pokémon’s vanish inside the real world objects such as a bush or behind a gate. Hence whenever you are trying to get virtual world connected with entities in real world it is best to have augmented reality do the work for you.
  5. As an App For Sales – Augmented reality can actually do an amazing job for you as a point of sales. Imagine an app which teaches your users on what are the minute features of the product that they are buying and how can them achieve best outputs out of the product they are buying, augmented reality can act as a boon in such situations. Think of augmented reality as your salesman, the moment somebody points their phone at a specific product it would tell what are the minute features and how to make the best use of the product. When they move it to another product let your app tell your audiences on what are the features of that product.

Virtual Reality is a more immersive experience; it always requires a special device such as a VR headset or a google cardboard to be used for producing any form of experience. Augmented reality is also an experience where virtual world beautifully mixes itself with the real world and lets people visualize things that they cannot see with naked eye. Augmented reality does not need any kind of device separately except a phone with a camera to be able to show your consumers the output. Both of these technologies have their own pros and cons. Thus whenever you think of getting an app built which integrates virtual reality with real world instances please use parameters such as how immersive an experience do you wish to create for your customers and what in real world do you wish to show them to be able to convince them to buy your products. To learn more about virtual reality visit our blog : Virtual Reality Is Changing Businesses It Can Change Yours Too.

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