Top 10 Helpful Taxi Booking Marketing Strategy

In this competitive market, every startup needs a great business marketing strategy for their business. Due to a digital world and growing demand, people have multiple choices for everything they need like online shopping, online booking service and many more. Similar things will apply in taxi booking startup or ongoing business. If you want success in your taxi booking app services, this essential thing you must know: to employ a positive attitude because taxi business is a service-based business. Starting a taxi booking services company need a good investment along with proper planning, and it can be an excellent business venture to invest in.

A taxi business is an exciting business where you can meet a lot of interesting people and of course, the not-so-interesting ones. Taxi booking business services may be severe and tiring, but If you have made the excellent marketing strategy for your taxi app services, then the profit and income automatically go up rapidly. Taxi based business needs to maintain the hospitality environment with your drivers and customers. As per my research, I found that many drivers are not aware of how essential the services they are rendering is.

Top 10 Success Strategies For Taxi Business Service

1) Transparency and Honesty integrity

First and most paramount thing in every business needs is transparency and honesty, if you are honest to your customer, then they will use your service for the longest time, although they have multiple options for same. In the taxi booking business services, you have to be a transparent and honesty from the day one with your drivers, customers, and all users who are using your taxi services.
In Taxi booking services company, if you are more transparent and honest with your staff and customer, you will first gain long-term team and customer. Secondly, you will have to graph with the vertical growth.

2) Driver Hiring for Taxi business Services

Hiring driver is a case which you can’t take it liberally. It’s an epidemic in the taxi company – drivers are always looking for greener pastures. At present sometimes we are facing a problem that driver is accepting a request and not arriving at pick-up point or driver are cancelling a request.

As a taxi company owner, you should hire or train a driver to be transparent with his duties. Before hiring any driver, you must check his license, background, records because it’s a matter of your customers ultimately your business.
“Money can’t buy everything” this is true saying which works in taxi business too. You can’t solve all your business problems by investing money. Open channels of feedback with your drivers and listen to what they have to say.

Here are a few different ways;

  • Suggestion box
  • Advisory councils
  • Driver meetings
  • Online surveys and app

3) Integrating Latest Technologies in APP

In this digital world, people are more attracted to the technologies and looking for services which they will get using their smart gadgets. To increase your taxi business services, make sure your business is online by creating an online taxi booking app system through which a customer can easily reach to you and book your taxi services online.

Now you will think how to create online taxi booking app? Here is a solution to your query, i.e. either you can hire an in-house development team and develop an online platform, or you can hire an experienced website and mobile app development, team.

As per general suggestion hiring experienced website and mobile app development company would be the best, because;

  • They already have a deal with multiple online taxi booking system
  • They can provide you with many innovative ideas which will help you in many wayss
  • It will be less expensive compared to hiring an in-house team.

You can also make a commitment to long-lasting maintenance with a website and mobile app development company.

4) Keep Flexible Marketing Strategy For Taxi Services

Marketing is one of the most important and confusing strategies for a taxi company to promote their business. I have mentioned confusing because to choose the right marketing strategy is one of very much important decision owner have to take. It is also true to promote the taxi business you should not rely on one plan, have to try multiple ways to do marketing.

Here is some best way you can do for promoting your taxi booking service;

i) Affiliate Marketing For Taxi Booking App

Affiliate marketing is an extensive marketing strategy, and it provides a good result regarding sharing some percentage amount of your services. e.g. If someone will promote your website or taxi app and if any user takes service’s via using their promotion’s link then they will get some percentage of their services. It is the best strategy to attract the online users to promote your website, app services online free from anywhere anytime. It gives the chance for work from home users.

ii) Taxi Booking Offer, Promo Code

If you put some offers, discounts, promo code and more, then the customer will use your online taxi booking app or website, because along with excellent service everybody also looks for some advantage.

You can use promo code offers for some rides, during the festive seasons such as Diwali, New Year, Christmas, and more so far customer will easily attract from your services and to share between their friends, relative via word of mouth.

iii) Refer and Earn

As per today’s trends all the using mobile application which provides refer and earn features. There are many ways to use refer and earn strategy like the customer can refer his friend by sharing invitation code or URL and earn rewards/trip if their invited customer installed an app for the first time and done some booking.

You can also put MLM, through which your customer can earn rewards from the customer who is invited by the customer to whom they have invited. For more information, kindly contact us at

iv) Social Media Marketing For Taxi APP Services

For SMM and SMO you have to create your business page on every popular social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. Increase traffic on each social networking platform and make regular updates on each platform.

v) Word Of Mouth Marketing Strategy

Word of mouth marketing is an unpaid form of promotion, where your customer will do marketing of your taxi booking service with their contacts verbally. For word of mouth marketing, you should adequately treat your all customer and should provide satisfactory service.

5) Safety Must For Taxi Services

In taxi booking company safety of customer and driver is the most important thing. Because as we all know that bad news or evil deeds of any business will get in headline faster which will ultimately affect your business. So to improve your business and want to stay in the market with a good reputation you should think about your customer safety while planning of the company. Because if a customer is new to a city or booking a taxi in the night, then they are putting their 100% trust on your taxi booking company and driver.

Driver safety is also substantially similar to the customer important. Before providing any vehicle to driver give the emergency facility for the drivers if they are on the trip.

6) Exclusives Benefits

Many hotels, restaurants, clubs and other public places in your city set up “exclusive” with operators so whenever they need a taxi for their customer, they will have your fleet for it. So for this, you can contact your city hotels, restaurants, clubs and other public places which will be beneficial for your business.

7) Taxi Choices for Customer

Everybody looks for more than one choice for the products or service they are going to buy or book. In taxi booking company as an owner, it would be glad if you put taxi choices for a customer as per trends which are going. You should also provide schedule trip choice to the customer so that the customer can schedule their trip through your app.

8) Value Proportion Must For Taxi Business

Here is some value proportion which you can use for your customers and drivers.

List of value proportion for a customer, such as;

  • There should be minimum waiting time
  • Cashless ride: If a customer does not have carried cash while riding then taxi booking company should provide a facility where he can make an online payment.

List of value proportion for a driver, such as;

  • There should be a flexible working schedule for the driver, and they can also work for part-time.
  • Easy payment procedure and get their payment online without waiting for a long time
  • Also, allow a driver to get tie up with your company and use their own vehicles.

9) Decent Fare Price

With the increasing traffic and price of fuel, petrol, diesel in several states, people are now shifting to alternative and cheaper modes of commutation. And it is also known to all that public transportation is not the brightest with overcrowding, lack of vehicles under the system and uncomfortable journeys contributing to a common man shifting to availing benefits of the Taxi Industry.

As a taxi business owner charge a fare price from your customer so they can ride without any stress and can save some of their expense.

10) Business Structure For Taxi Business 

As an owner of a taxi-business, you must first choose what kind of a business structure you need to pick. This choice has huge legal implications as it influences your own liability, tax collection, paperwork of the business, etc. A taxi booking business is no different from any other type of business, and as an owner, you have 5 choices – sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership or a private limited company. Mostly, owners of tours and travel company taxis opt for the private limited company because of the amount of credibility and possible outside funding.

Looking for Taxi Booking App Development Serivces?

If you need a mobile application or website with more innovative ideas, you can contact us. We would be glad to help you out with all the strategies and creative ideas which will help your business to overgrow. Our primary focus is to deliver quantity work on committed time, if you are looking for a taxi booking app with the more innovative idea, kindly contact us.

We would be glad to share the best idea with you which will help in increasing your business. We have an experienced team who will serve you best from start to end and will be glad to provide you with long-term maintenance support.

Mr. Vivek Shah
Author: Mr. Vivek Shah
He is the pioneer, motivational speaker, solution provider, MD and CEO of Capermint Technologies Pvt Ltd: A leading Mobile Games & App development company. He believes in crafting creativity with calibre which construct a valuable outcome for the world out there looking for innovation. As a CEO, he likes to help other companies to transform their app ideas into reality.


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